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Whizzing teal

Yo Doods   It was very Morko* at the scrape this morning, loads of ducks but little else. A flock of lapwing flew in, 50 followed by another 50.  The gadwalls (11) were still lurking as well as mallard (similar numbers) but the shovelers had shoved off. The only excitement was the teal whizzing about as if it was Spring? Here in Kent we’re getting ready to batten down the hatches as more wind and rain is forecast (as if we haven’t had enough!) It was very obliging of the teal to put on such a good show. I include a snap of the teals whizzing.  I wish you all a Happy New Year and stuff      x  J de Q

*Mork & Mindy = windy



Archibald Knox

Yo Doods   I trust you’ve all had a merry Crimbo.  I did visit Restharrow Scrape this morning but it was a little bit lugubrious , what with the heavy rain and gusting wind. Faarsands of Lady Lucks on the water.  Despite the inclement weather a hot cup of Chantelle Joffe at Bomber Command put things right. Mind you, the news that a glossy ibis had been sighted above HQ earlier was a bit disconcerting, Not that I’m ‘atwitching’, but would  liked to have managed a smudge.  Due to the lack of Richard the Third’s, here’s an Archibald Knox* I took previously.  The little rascal, as bold as brass, sauntered in front of the hide without a care in the world, looking for easy pickings on the scrape. Sensibly, all the wuzzoes had moved onto the water.  I wish you all a Happy New Howsyerfather   x JdeQ

*Archibald Knox = fox


Teal Drake displaying (Tony Curtis innit)

Yo Doods  Happy Boxing Day   I left for Restharrow Scrape quite early to escape the crowds perambulating the Deal highways as they paraded up and down the seafront on their Boxing Day stroll.  Their saucepan lids* whizzed about on the brightly coloured rollerblades and skateboard Christmas presents, which was delightful to behold.  I really fancy a go at skateboarding, but Ano Domino and ‘stoutas uppas’ prevents it.When I arrived at the scrape the sun was rising from the east behind the hide, gradually lighting up the water and revealing the hundreds of ducks.  Mostly teal, but a few gadwalls, mallards and shovelers. A shelduck flew in for five minutes but didn’t stay. A couple of mute swans also flew in but they decided to stay awhile. The teal were causing a nuisance with the young blades showing off to the young ladies, but I did manage a shot of a young drake who would have made my old china* Tony (Curtis) envious with his exaggerated rear quiff as he displayed for a young lovely! I enclose the smudge for your delectation  x deQ        PS  I’ve included one of the mutes.  Look at the plates* as he breaks!

*saucepan lids = kids   *china plate = mate   *plates of meat = feet



mute swan 2

Happy Christmas

Hi   A HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL    I did slip off to Restharrow Scrape this morning (late morning) just to check that the wuzzoes were comfy (no horrid raptors spoiling their Crimbo) All the ducks looked very contended albeit a bit of an argy bargy with the teal drakes displaying and fighting over the womenfolk!  I left Master Kaibosh at home this morning as I couldn’t separate him from his new toy ring that some kind person had given him for Crimbo.  I leave you with a picture of his nibs and wish you all the best for the holiday   x   JdeQ


demoiselle crane

Oooooooer missus,  Torrential innit.  If you think I’m going out in that! I’ll have to give you one I did before (smudge that is) No scraping today, I’m staying put in Quackers Hall. Mind you, what with the wind and rain plus Christmas shoppers feverishly perambulating the byways of Deal, can you blame me? Fingers crossed the hide at Restharrow is still standing, what with the violent gusts of wind blowing across the dunes and Cinque Port Golf Club from over the sea wall.  At the other SBBOT scrape, Backsands, the two hides there have been blown down with the heavy storms from a few days ago. Even the concrete bases were split! On that happy note I wish you a Happy Christmas and prosperous ‘How’s yer Father’  x  de Q       PS  I photographed the crane at WWT, Barnes





Gadwall Argy Bargy

Hi   It was a bit Mork & Mindy* on the scrape today.  Faarsands of Lady Lucks, but not much else.  The little grebe was busy though whizzing about the place, much to the annoyance of the grumpy coots (what’s their problem?) A very handsome briar pipe* fiddled about amongst the jellied eels*, but mainly was minding his own business.  Oy Vey, all of a sudden it was ‘off’. The drake gadwalls were displaying to the pretty ladies when two ‘testerooneed up’bully boys started a ‘row’. I’ve included for your delectation a smudge of the fracas that ensued.   ta ta for now    x JdeQ

*Mork & Mindy = windy   *briar pipe = snipe    *jellied eels = teals   



Little Grebe in the rain

Oy Vey Becky!  It was hard getting out of bed this morning. All night long the wind and rain had been banging against my windowpane (wasn’t that a song by Tina Turner ‘I can’t stand the rain’) Outside my window is a flagpole, and the rain and wind made it sound like a marina with the wind whistling through the wires of sailing boats. Mind you, a late breakfast of bacon and eggs, thoroughly disapproved of by the professor (my pulchritudinous vegetarian wife Susie Q) soon put things right. That intrepid canine Master Kaibosh and I went out into the storm, traversing the deep puddles flooding the Ancient Highway on the road to Restharrow Scrape.  Most of the wildfowl were sensibly tucked in (that is their little loafs of bread*) close to the islands banks. The only respectable smudge I got was of the hardy little grebe who didn’t mind the lashing rain and brisk south wester. I did get a shot of a beautiful drake teal, but I’ve bored you already with too many pictures of that smashing little duck. After about ten minutes peering out of the hide’s shutters, Geronimo* and I made our way to Bomber Command for a warming cup of Chantal Joffe* (the coffee for me, cherries* aren’t permitted in HQ because of the wuzzoes) so his nibs patiently waited in the kipper for my return. I hope the weather eases for tomorrow, although I don’t really mind as the scrape is always a delight for this old codger and his bodger    xxx  JdeQ   PS   I’ve just remembered who first sang ‘I can’t stand the rain’  It was Ann Peebles

* loafs of bread = head    *Geronimo = Master Kaskai     *Chantal Joffe, English artist  = coffee

*cherries-cherry hogs = dogs