Teal Drake displaying (Tony Curtis innit)

Yo Doods  Happy Boxing Day   I left for Restharrow Scrape quite early to escape the crowds perambulating the Deal highways as they paraded up and down the seafront on their Boxing Day stroll.  Their saucepan lids* whizzed about on the brightly coloured rollerblades and skateboard Christmas presents, which was delightful to behold.  I really fancy a go at skateboarding, but Ano Domino and ‘stoutas uppas’ prevents it.When I arrived at the scrape the sun was rising from the east behind the hide, gradually lighting up the water and revealing the hundreds of ducks.  Mostly teal, but a few gadwalls, mallards and shovelers. A shelduck flew in for five minutes but didn’t stay. A couple of mute swans also flew in but they decided to stay awhile. The teal were causing a nuisance with the young blades showing off to the young ladies, but I did manage a shot of a young drake who would have made my old china* Tony (Curtis) envious with his exaggerated rear quiff as he displayed for a young lovely! I enclose the smudge for your delectation  x deQ        PS  I’ve included one of the mutes.  Look at the plates* as he breaks!

*saucepan lids = kids   *china plate = mate   *plates of meat = feet



mute swan 2


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