Archibald Knox

Yo Doods   I trust you’ve all had a merry Crimbo.  I did visit Restharrow Scrape this morning but it was a little bit lugubrious , what with the heavy rain and gusting wind. Faarsands of Lady Lucks on the water.  Despite the inclement weather a hot cup of Chantelle Joffe at Bomber Command put things right. Mind you, the news that a glossy ibis had been sighted above HQ earlier was a bit disconcerting, Not that I’m ‘atwitching’, but would  liked to have managed a smudge.  Due to the lack of Richard the Third’s, here’s an Archibald Knox* I took previously.  The little rascal, as bold as brass, sauntered in front of the hide without a care in the world, looking for easy pickings on the scrape. Sensibly, all the wuzzoes had moved onto the water.  I wish you all a Happy New Howsyerfather   x JdeQ

*Archibald Knox = fox



One response to “Archibald Knox

  1. Wish my coat was as pristine as the one on the Amanda Knox. (By the way isn’t she a sweetie ?)
    Happy New Year to Sue and to you kind Sir
    Go easy on the fireworks tomorrow night, had some complaints from BA pilots as they flew over Duckingham Palace. No ones pointing fingers, but just give a little more thought to those with a fear of Surface to Air Missiles.
    Have fun

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