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Meshuguna Wuzzoes

It was rather bleak leaving Deal this morning en route to Sandwich Bay. Even Little Lord Kaibosh wasn’t too keen. My yardstick, the Ramsgate cliff fissures didn’t look too clever as I peered through my windscreen. Even more daunting was Chequers car park which is now a lake. Incidentally, if you feel a bit pecko Chequers is a great place to stop for a meal. Charming Gary is front of house and Peter a very accomplished chef.  There’s usually a little South African influence in the cooking. I digress, back to the Ancient Highway, avoiding the dreaded water-filled potholes! I was sorry to see the pintails had departed, but a solitary shelduck drake obliged with a few good poses. The coots have gone a bit nutty, whizzing about the scrape like lunatics, with the gadwall drakes also meshugga!  I liken them all to young teenage men chasing after the girlies. Showing off rotten   I leave you with a couple of smudges of the whirling coots and gadwall    kindest rhubarbs   i jah de Quackers





Yo Doodledoods   The water’s still rising on the scrape. In fact, the left island is now nearly submerged. The measuring pole is still showing, just! Mind you, there’s still faarsands of lady lucks on the scrape.  Delighted that there’s now a pintail drake and his young lady in residence. When I arrived there were 2 drakes and 3 ducks lifting off the scrape and heading for Pegwell Bay. Fortunately a drake and his young lady stayed to be smudged by Yours T (see enclosed). I didn’t stay too long at the scrape as I had two friends lunching back at Quack Towers, but still had time for a Charlotte Joffe and a chat with Kai’s china plate Duncan and the distinguished ornithologist Mike Briggs back at Bomber Command (SBBOT). I was very careful driving back to Deal along the Ancient Highway as the thoroughfare is waterlogged, hiding the treacherous potholes, Oy Vey Doris Day. I was back in time though to prepare lunch for Mikey & Peter. Peter is the promoter of the fandaberous Private Widdle Social Club, a comedy cabaret which showcases at the Astor Theatre in Deal.   Worth a visit. At the moment Peter’s organising a ‘happening’ in Brighton where a photographer smudges 300 unclothed people (don’t ask!!)    hasta la Nebraska  i jah de Q

PS  Private Widdle was the character Charles Hawtry (late of Deal) played in ‘Carry On Up the Khyber’  PSS  a flock of Dunlins also flew over the scrape but didn’t settle, I did manage a smudge though

pintail drake copy


Rain stopped Play

Yo Doodles   What a shocking morning. I was going birding with Joe this morning but the weather was so iffy we decided to ‘chuck a dummy’. Joe came by later to Quack Towers where we were joined by Patrick for a Quacko lunchette.  Kaiboy was pleased as he likes Joe & Patrick, so he whizzed around the table a few times before settling down in his cage. Don’t worry folks, the cage door is never locked and its interior is covered in cushions and soft furnishings fitting a Little Lord Fauntleroy. Also he has access to dainty victuals within paw reach. I do hope the incessant rain eases off for tomorrow. So Doodleys,  I’ll have to leave you with one I did earlier as they say (who they?)  It’s a smudge I took at Barnes WWT of an Hawaiian goose.  A Nene.  It was bred back from extinction by my hero Sir Peter Scott at Slimbridge WWT founded by that distinguished gentleman.   hasta la Franz Kafka    i jah de Q


Ducking & Diving

Yo Doodlethings  What a ghastly morning.  I nearly stayed in bed having suffered a night of incessant rain lashing in from the sea.  I didn’t think the visibility would be much kop if I did go birding. Having taken my time over a late breakfast, making sure Little Lord Fauntleroy was ‘victualled up’ first, I noticed a hint of sailor’s trousers. Girding our loincloths, Kaibosh and Yours T set off towards Sandwich on the Ancient Highway. Oy Vey Doris, what a state the highway is in. The road was not covered in puddles but fluffnuckering ponds! You couldn’t see the pot holes because of the water covering the road.  The cherry and I drove very gingario down that thoroughfare. It was with great relief when we arrived in tact at Restharrow Hide without damage to our undercarriages! The strange thing is, despite the continual downpour and darkened Romney & Rye, I could see sunshine lighting up the fissures of Ramsgate cliffs (my visual yardstick).  The scrape was quite dark and the water choppy with a brisk south westerly wind blowing. Nevertheless, I waited for a glimpse of current bun so I could get in a few smudges. My wait was made more pleasant with the arrival of Bernie who had been doing a birding sea watch from the end of Deal Pier. With a scope you’d be surprised at the number of sea and shore birds you can observe from that protuberating walkway. Also Jasin’s does a good plate of Lillian Gish and Jagger’s lips if you feel a bit pecko. That naughty sparky (sparrow hawk) was still up to mischief lurking in his willow by the water’s edge, then whizzing atop the reeds to capture something out of view behind the hide. This week his delectation seems to be for those darling starlings.  On the water I have been noticing the gadwalls cosying up to the tufties.  It dawned on me that tufties being divers were disturbing the scrape’s bottom (oooer missus) and the ducking gadwalls at the surface were helping themselves to the stuff disturbed! For your delectation I enclose a smudge of a tufty drake being closely followed by mum & dad gadwall. I was also taken by a large herring gull who dropped in, so he’ll also be included in today’s smudges.     hasta la crovis machachas  i jah de Q



herring gull

Marsh Harrier

Yo Doodlethings   It was with mucho relief traversing the Ancient Highway this morning, as the nasty rain had held off and the old current bun was peeping through the Girls Aloud. It had poured all night long so there were plenty of puddles filling up the hidden potholes. Anyways, I arrived at the scrape with my chassis in tact (oooer missus) Kaibosh decided to stay at home (the guv was in residence) so I was delighted when Duncan joined me in the hide.  We were rewarded with the sight of a Marsh Harrier (male) whizzing around the scrape.  All the ducks were flushed off the banks and bobbed about on the water (good time to do a count). I enclose a picture of the Harrier dropping onto the bank with all the Lady Lucks pretending he’s not there! They knew they were safe in the h2O as the harrier won’t risk a snatch on the water. I’ll also enclose a picture of this saucy teal who swam up to the hide. Probably was curious about the missing Kaibosh?      a toot a lorry x i jah de Quack

PS  after posting this blog I decided that as the weather was so delightful that I’d return to the scrape for another innings. I was rewarded with the current bun reflecting the flashes of  an iridescent kaleidoscope of colour off the back of this handsome drake mallard (steady on Byron)


teal drake copy 2


mallard dr copy

Ringed Ian Beale

Oy Vey Doodberries  What about this weather?  Had to go to Canterbury this morning for shopping and stuff and was thinking of stopping in at Restharrow Scrape on my way home.  Even Kaibosh didn’t fancy it as the rain was non-stop. Mind you, he is descended from huskies so should be OK in any weather (some chance, he knows a soft touch, and I’m soft and a bit ‘touched’!) The guv  and I stocked up on custard millefeuille at Valerie’s in Canterbury having had a hearty breakfast at the Goodshed. What could be better, custard wotsits and Russia with Love on the TV? Dear oh drear, I think I overdid it with the Rosy Lee and pastries. Felt a little Uncle Dick after wolfing them down like a greedy brute. The trouble & strife was very restrained with the Sexton Blake and gave most of hers to Master Kaiboy. That cherry loves a bit of Sexton Blake.  El Bow to the Pal Meat for woofters! Anyway doodlebugs, here’s a smudge I took earlier at a Barnes WWT visit. It’s a very handsome ringed teal drake.  Trust the weather improves tomorrow my friends x i jah de Q


Should by the cormorant belly be restrain’d , Shakespeare Coriolanus

Yo Doods  Would you Adam & Flora Delores it.  There I was, ‘Thermos’d up’, lighter lens on the Nikon as I didn’t want to be schlepping’ the big boy as I perambulated the winding paths of Barnes WWT.  Oooooer missus, as we were about to drive over Hammersmith Bridge (we, as the guv was dropping me off) we found they (whoever they are) had closed the blinking’ bridge. I don’t usually use the word blinking’, but Kaibosh disapproves of me Lord Mayoring innit. It seems every time I go to Barnes the frickin bridge is under fluffing repair! Oy Vey Becky. We could have driven to Mortlake and round through Barnes village, or carried on to Putney Bridge, but that would be another 40mins on the journey. So my drears, it was El Bow for Barnes and back to the Garden of England. In truth, I was missing my little mate Kaibosh, who had been staying overnight with Patty & Mike in Deal. Not that Kaiboy minded, they always give him good runs and stuff unlike the portly smudger. So my drears, I’ll have to leave you with a smudge I took earlier of an ambitious cormorant  (at a previous Barnes visit)   Och aye the noodles for Burns night tonight   x  i jah de Q