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Bird Portraits

Yo Dooderooneys  Didn’t go birding today as I had boring chores to do. I’ve made so many trips to Peter Jones that the store’s Billy Bunter’s (punters) must think I’m staff! What a wonderful emporium PJ’s is, luckily it’s at the end of the King’s Strada just a stone’s heave from my frog. Anyways, here’s a few wuzzoe head shots taken yesterday morning. I’m not sure if the whistling lady luck is an Eastern or Western Indian one?

whistling duck

The Egyptian goose is one that’s just muscled in to one of the collection pools at the WWT reserve much to the chagrin of the resident Bewick’s Monty Don’s. It’s quite interesting vadering the inside of its north and south. In fact, he intrigued me so much I’m giving you two Barnaby Rudge’s

Egyptian goose


Just before I left the reserve I captured a smudge of this handsome canvasback drake lurking amongst the reeds 

canvasback M

Hasta la pasta machacharooneys     x i Jedi d’Quackster


Juvenile Jackdaw Jackanapes

Yo Doods  Despite the inclement weather yesterday I had a good visit with Lord Garibaldi Biscotto Moffinski to the WWT Barnes.  I thought the ice cream cart in the courtyard was a bit optimistic.

WWT Ice cream

I left the kipper at home and travelled by the Uncle Gus and Rubic.  The frog and toad leading to Hammersmith Bridge gets very spiteful, whereas the Uncle Gus just whizzes down the bus lane. Brill. I must confess to getting a little thrill whizzing past the long line of kippers caught up in the traffic jam. It could have been me, innit.  I was pleased with my morning’s work and captured a few head shots for my portrait archive (which I’ll eventually exhibit). I managed a smudge of a saucy Ringed Teal who was having a flap. I shot it so you couldn’t see the clipped primaries of one wing which I think makes a nice ‘action shot’?

ringed teal

After perambulating the bucolic byways of Barnesville, Lord Moffo and Yours T took beverages at the waterside cafe’. Well my drears, would you Adam & Sophie Tucker it, a cheeky jackdaw juvenile hopped onto our table looking for a handout. Perhaps it’s the same one I’ve been smudging over the last couple of weeks? His feathers are growing thicker now and he doesn’t look like a toosh of the androgenic alopecia business.  He was joined a couple of minutes later by his dad (well that’s what I would like to think)  His pater was a rather handsome fellow and I was able to get a very close headshot of the old rascal for my archive. It was quite disconcerting when just as I was about to smudge the jackdaw about a metre from my Wedgewood Benn’s, a well meaning warden rushed over and shooshed it away thinking it was disturbing our victualising. 

jackdaw juv

jackdaw head 


hasta la pasta peeperooneys    x i Jah de Jedi



Yo Peeps   What a shocker! Today that is.  Didn’t stop ‘old man snoring’ all day.  Lord Moffo and I girdled our loincloths and braved the dodgy Highland heather, battling our way to the V & A for a touch of Ruppell’s vulture.  Oy Vey Becky, because of the Frankie Laine the place was mobbed with eye poking umbrellas and soggy tourists queuing around the block. Never mind, old Jd’Q knows a few nifty ways in without that undignified queuing business. I must say, it didn’t bode well for the Notting Hill Carnival. Mind you, I won’t lose any sleep over that thought. As it’s another day without wuzzoes (and wuzzoe smudges) I’m carrying on with my vehicular theme  and leaving you with one of my ‘Odes for the day’ It’s called Limolove and I hope you like it. If not you can send me a stiff letter on cardboard    tooty frooty    i Jah de Quack


Come inamorata         sit by me

Snuggle up in luxury   of   limousine’s plush upholstery

Reclined inside on Connolly hide       close enough to touch a knee

Travel moonlight highway in white-wheeled automobile

Libertine’s limousine         how good that would feel

Locomote Cupid’s golden mile         blissfully smiling all the while

Engine revving         silky smooth         never fails to soothe

Cushioned from gravelled peregrination

Without worry of crowded station

Whisper where you want to go

I’ll take you there       it won’t be slow

Put your trust in me

Grand Touring           carefree bonhomie

Never need to shift a gear

Velocitating love’s atmosphere

We both can watch the World fly by

No wistful eye on termini

Come swiftly sweetheart     don’t be shy

Wave yesterday’s man and sedan goodbye

Look ahead to open road

Yon magic path that bold knights strode

Feel magic dust fire       pneumatic tyre

Aspire to soaring higher

Leave drear and drudge some miles behind

Cruise street of finest kind

Sweet Dream Boulevard       Avenue of Riches

Troubles thrown in wayside ditches

I’ll lower the roof to watch the stars

Whilst listening out for nightingale and nocturnal bright-eyed nightjars

Tanked up on gasoline caviar

High octane beluga       fuel for limolove autocar

Wild wind in dishevelled hair

Wondrous life waiting there

Share journey with adoring charioteer


Without fear


Curl up in coupe of love

Steered by passionate four wheeled gondolier



kippers & bloaters

Yo Doods   Didn’t go birding today as I was a little anxious about the traffic build up in West London because of the Notting Hill Carnival business. Instead I spent a few enjoyable hours at my local, the Victoria & Albert Museum.  I could spend hours in the oriental rooms looking at the fabulous stuff on show,  As I don’t have any wuzzoe smudges from today’s outing and I don’t think I should bore you with more from my archive I’ll post a couple of smudges of Yours T in the old days when I was obsessed with kippers. Not any more though, but I did have a few crackers.  Believe or not, one of my favourites was an early Ford Mustang. I do love an American muscle car. My old pal Carol Shelby made a brilliant Cobra. First was the AC Cobra, then he transformed the Mustang. In the States I used to drive a red  Chevy Corvette. Brilliant jam jar.  I’ve ‘dug up’ a couple of smudges of my Lamborghini Miura S. My first Lamborghini was a Miura but it wasn’t fast enough so I got the S. What a plonker. Nowadays I try and stick to 55 mph in my old Merc.  hasta la pasta peeps   x  i Jah d’Kwack



plumed whistling ducks in a panic

Yo Doods   Took the kipper to Barnes this morning but kept an eye out for the traffic as it’s the Notting Hill Carnival this weekend. It can build up in West London so I had to make sure I had an escape route in case it jammed in Hammersmith. And not in the Bob Marley or Stevie Wonder way of ‘jamming’. The weather was quite strange. Good strange with long bursts of sunshine then a light shower.  I was happy with my smudges though, adding portraits of radjah shelduck and a ringed teal for my portrait archive.  There was a big hullabaloo in one of the ponds when a team of plumed whistling ducks ganged up on a mallard  who was encroaching on their grub. As the light dimmed when the old current bun slipped behind a Girls Aloud, I liked the light on the water as I Barnaby Rudge’d a falcated duck and puna teal. Overall an enjoyable birding morning fortified by a cup of hot chocolate in the WWT’s riverside restaurant.  Hasta la pasta   x  i Jah de Kwack

radjah shelduck

ringed teal

plumed whistling duck

falcated duck

puna teal

Oare Marsh marsh harrier

Yo Doods  I awoke early yesterday morning to glorious sunshine. It seemed the perfect day for an Oare Marsh outing.  The only problem was, from my favourite spot on the road leading up Harty Ferry on the Swale, the current bun was directly ahead of me. Oy Vey Mavis, not conducive for good smudges.  I managed a Barnaby of an island in the middle of the scrape which was overloaded with faaarsands of plover.  It unfortunately gives a silhouette image rather than revealing details, but I liked the composition and atmosphere of that bright and chilly morning so here’s a smudgerooney.  


In my experience there’s always a little gem at Oare, but like a lot of birding places this year, and down to the peculiar weather changes there’s been a dearth of duck.  Mind you, I was happy (in my desperation for a Richard the Third) to spot this saucy marsh frog lurking amongst the reeds.

marsh frog

Close by to froggo was a little grebe juvvy. He had managed to catch a feather on his beak and I was fascinated to see the shape of its tongue as he tried to detach it from his hide & seek. 

little grebe

Just before I departed and was making my way to the kipper park all the wuzzoes took off.  In the far distance a marsh harrier was swooping close to the ground. From my position on the frog and toad I had the Isle of Sheppey as a backdrop with the harrier sweeping the edge of the  Swale. So please forgive the picture as believe me I had to seriously crop with the harrier being a couple of miles away!  In my original smudge the harrier is a dot on the horizon. 

marsh harrier

hasta la pasta peeps        x i Jedi de Quack

Bewick’s bathing

Yo Doods   As it looked overcast this morning (and dire weather warnings on the news channels) I decided on taking the kipper to Barnes this morning. That meant I could take the big boy Wedgewood Benn’s that necessitates a tripod and gimble which is not conducive to Rubic Cube travel.  As it happened, although a little bit Harry & Billy the old current bun did come out and it was a very pleasant morning with good light.  I was very taken with the two resident Bewick’s swans who were having a great time splashing about and generally showing off rotten. I enclose a smudge of the Monty Don’s for your delectation. I was pleased to see the juv magpie’s feathers are growing and he’s looking more like a wuzzoe  rather than something out of the Muppets show. I also enclose a Barnaby Rudge showing his resplendent tail feathers.  A couple of saucy Egyptian geese flew in, they know free grub when they see it!  I was able to do a portrait of one of these birdies for my portrait collection. As I was leaving the reserve a family of mute Monty Don’s waddled past, mum, dad & saucepan lids!

hasta la pasta machacharooneys    x  i Jedi d’Kwack

Bewick's swans


Egyptian goose