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more portraits

yo peeps    Here’s three more portraits taken yesterday at the wetlands (Barnes) for my oiseaux gallery.  My old favourite, the comb drake, a mashugana red crested pochard drake and a gorgeous mallard duck.     hasta la wotsits peeperooneys  x  i Jedi, Earl de Moutard

comb drake

red crested pochard drake

mallard duck


strabismic goldeneyes going goofy

Yo Peepsters   Shank’s again this morning to Barnes wetlands. The goldeneyes were going a little nutty splashing about and showing off rotten. here’s a smudge of  dad and mum going a bit ‘mum & dad’.

goldeneye drake

goldeneye duck

The radjah shelducks were also getting their Alan Wicker’s in a twist and I enclose a shot of one of those handsome dudes doing the okey jokey as well as a headshot which is destined for my portrait gallery

radjah shelduck 2

radjah shelduck

Towards the end of the morning a few drops of Frankie Laine started to fall so I made my way back to the waterside restaurant for a hot choco before boarding the Uncle Gus for Hammersmith where my Rubic cube waited to take me back to South Kenneth Williams and Chelsea. But my peeps, before I left I was pleased to get this Barnaby Rudge of a very good looking northern pintail drake which I hope you like.   Unfortunately, as I left the confines of the underground station and Wendy Dagworth’d my way up Onslow Gardens the old Frankie Laine bucketed down and a very wet Doctor Quack  who’d forgotten to take his titfer, arrived home but was quickly revived, fortified by a hot cup of Rosy.   hasta la pasta machacharooneys  x i Jah de Quack

northern pintail drake

Grey Evita Peron and Lillian Gish

Yo Doodlebugs   Shank’s again this morn, and off to Barnes wetlands.  Rubic and Uncle.  The weather is still holding good and the old current was laying a few Johnny Ray’s on the boulevards de Barnes. My first smudge was a rather nice black-bellied whistling duck minding his own business despite an influx of bad mannered mallard drakes trying to nick the whistlers tucker.

black-bellied whistling duck

I was pleased to see a trio of mandarin drakes had turned up and i furnish you with a Barnaby of one handsome devil.

mandarin drake

Now peeps, for a long while I’ve been after a smudgerooney of the elusive great-crested grebe, but I captured him from the wildlife hide when he ventured close to where I was waiting (holding my breath and hoping no saucepan lids would come running noisily in). In fact I was so chuffed I also smudged a headshot for my Rogues Gallery

great-crested grebe

Gt crested greb

Actually playmates, it was rather a fruitful morning. As I was leaving (and anticipating a Fat Boy of Peckham hot chocolate at the riverside restaurant) I noticed a couple of peeps peering into the side of a pool where  long reeds swayed. Lo and behold Mr Pickwick, there was a sneaky grey Evita Peron lurking surreptitiously in the foliage.  He suddenly lunged and came up with a large Lillian Gish in its Gormenghastly Mervyn Peake. And here’s the evidence M’Lord.

grey heron

Oh wot larks Pip, until domani peepsters I bid you adieu   x  i Jah de Kwackers

A balmy (not barmy) day at Barnes

Yo Doodsters   I left this morning on Shank’s Pony and headed for South Kensington Underground Station (didn’t the Wombles sing overground/underground?)  Then it was Rubic Cube to Hammerschmidt and the delights of the 283 duck bus to the Wetlands.  Fortunately the old current bun came out and after half an hour old deKwackers was schvittzin in his heavy nanny goat. My first ‘smudge of the day’ was a very obliging black-bellied whistling duck. I particularly liked the composition with the green rippling Neptune’s daughter. black-bellied whistling duck My next Barnaby Rudge was of a handsome Austral Black Monty Don who gave me my favourite face forward pose as if it was for a Harper’s Bazaar cover (the last cover I ‘shot’ for Harper’s was of Raquel Welch) black swan I continued on to the pool where the eiders confabulate with their Frankie Howard vocalising (“Oooer missus”) and was pleased to see northern pintail drakes. Up to now there’s only been ladies. I could be wrong, perhaps the drakes were in juv panoply and were now emerging into their adult finery? northern pintail Overall it was a very pleasant morning which was finished off with a cup of hot chocolate at the riverside restaurant where I was joined by this very saucy jackdaw. jackdaw yaki da doodsters    x i Jah de Quack, Earl of Mustard

Oare Marshes

Yo Peeps      Trust you are all hunky doris.  Had a good day birding and ogling the various wildlife on a perambulation around the large scrape adjacent to the sea wall at Oare. I was excited watching the Polish konic ponies trotting along the inner sea bank wall. What beautiful colours they are. Shades of grey.

Konic pony

I was amazed at the number of dragonflies still whizzing around amongst the tall reeds of the scrape and half expected a hobby to whizz in for a handy snack.  No hobbies but a beautiful marsh harrier flew in low over the sea wall from the Isle of Sheppey direction. It was a female harrier and she seemed to be having a lot of success dropping into the long grass and staying undercover for long minutes on end. I presume she was enjoying her meal of some poor little creature.  I managed a smudge of her slamming on the brakes and dropping into the long grass.

marsh harrier F

Then taking off after repletion

marsh harrier F2

I was accompanied on my perambulations by Lord Moffo, and we were guesstimating on the large number of immigrant dunnocks flying in.  Here’s a Barnaby Rudge of one little tinker that flew in just as we returned to the Harty Ferry carpark.


hasta la pasta machacharooneys          x i Jah de Quackerooney, Earl of Mustard and surrounding condiments

Shank’s Pony

Yo peepsters   It was Shank’s Pony again this morning as I wended my way to Barnes WWT. Uncle Gus and Rubic of course.  It was quite doody howdy but the visibility wasn’t too bad.  I managed a smudge of two handsome fulvous whistling ducks and was pleased to get one looking straight at me (my favourite portrait position) and one profile in the same shot. perambulating on I came across the  Frankie Howard (oooer missus) sounding eiders. A mister and mrs for your delectation. The good thing about Barnes is that there are plenty of wuzzoes (oiseaux) beside the collection and a little chiffchaff obliged me for a Barnaby Rudge.     hasta la pasta      x  i Jah de Quack

folvous whistling ducks

eider drake

eider duck


Take a piece……..

Yo Peepsters     Not birding today (am tomorrow) so I’ll leave you with one of my odes.  It’s called  ‘Take a piece of my lung’     until domani,  adio, amore miopeeps   x i Jedi de Quack

Take a piece of my lung                             barbecue my tongue

Take the tip of a finger                             take nail off my thumb

Stamp on my toe

I’ll find it hard to say no

Take a piece of my skin

it’s not really that thin

You can pull out my hair

I’ve got plenty up there

But there’s one special part

Don’t take hold of my heart

You can drink all my blood                             just leave a drop

Or I’ll be too weak to boogie or bop

You can take me to Texas in the back of a cart

Take in Tijuana

But please leave my heart

You can pick me up                                       then put me down

Pull me about                                             I’ll be your clown

Do what you please

I’m down on my knees

I’ll be your toy

you’ve got the right boy

Jump on my back

tie me up in a sack

Push me around               but,

I want my heart back

When you’ve finished your fun

then taken a run

Let go that one part

Don’t run off with my heart

You can look up a map                                  study a chart

I’ll go with your luggage

But don’t pack my heart

If you’re hot to trot

taking all that I’ve got

Untie just one knot

Leaving my heart in the parking lot

Take a boat             take a train             fly off in a plane                            To me it’s all the same     Just let my heart remain