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bunch of posers!

Yo peepsters   Didn’t go wuzzoe smudging today as I had chores to do. Yesterday morning I was lucky to get a good few of my ‘magazine cover girl’ headshots (facing the camera), heavily influenced by my fashion photography past. I enclose Barnaby Rudge’s of an Eurasian wigeon drake, Egyptian goose, American wood drake and a ferruginous drake. Incidentally, I was sad to read of the demise of my friend Jack Bruce who I managed back in the day. I looked after him when Cream had split up, helping him form the Jack Bruce Band.  R.I.P dear friend, in my humble opinion the greatest bass player ever.   hasta la pasta doods      x i Jah d’Kwack

Eurasian wigeon


American wood drake

ferruginous drake


Showing off, Stretching & Splashing

Hi peeps  Turned out nice again.  It was a little lugubrious when I arose this morning but after a cup of burnt toffee, bacon & eggs the world seemed a better place.  A little cloudy but not too dark for smudging.  I drove to Barnes as I had decided to take the big Wedgwood Benn’s which are better for light if the visibility’s a bit iffy.  Mind you, when I drove over Hammersmith Bridge the weather was brighter and I noticed the tide was out on the Thames. The Wetland reserve is on the banks of the River Thames between Putney and Hammersmith. A bittern was lurking somewhere on the reserve but I couldn’t see it. No worries, I enjoyed myself with my usual poodling around snapping the wuzzoes willy nilly. There was a lot of splashing about and okey kokying as if it was Spring? For your delectation I present to you a beautiful bufflehead, Chinese spot-billed duck, scaup drake, a mashugana red crested pochard drake (serious splasher), hooded merganser drake and a saucy lesser black-back gull.      hasta la pasta doods      x  i Jedi de Quack, Earl of Mustard and surrounding condiments

bufflehead drake

spot billed duckscaup drakehooded merganser drake

red crested pochard drakelesser black-backed gull

Face Off

Yo Peeps   Sorry, haven’t been bloggin’ for a couple of days as my computer has been playing up. I upgraded my Mac to the new Yosemite system.  Oooer Mavis, what a mistake. I can’t be told. It cocked up my stuff for days. Despite cursing, crying and thumpin’ the fluffing thing I couldn’t bring up my bloggysite.  Funnily enough, after a trip to Heathrow to pick up my daughter Daisy then taking her to Kent where I stayed overnight, on my return my Maceroon seems to be firing on all cylinders again! Perhaps the dear thing needed a rest? Anyways peeps I’ll leave you with a few headshots taken Saturday at Barnes WWT. Incidentally, as I was leaving the reserve I spotted (and smudged) a strange looking magpie having a barney with a tough old pigeon over the grub in the domestic lady lucks little pond. The smudge of the Indian running duck was taken as he (her?) was disdainfully looking down a rather impressive proboscis at the two arguing scavengers!    as always, with kindest rhubarbs    x i Jedi d’Kwack

falcated drakebarnaclehooded mergansermandarinindian runnermagpie

duck & divin’ for Duncandisorderly

Yo  Peeps  Surprisingly the weather is still holding good (don’t know what it’s holding on to?) I started my Barnes perambulation with a visit to the sawbill and buffleboys pool and was rewarded with a mashugana bufflehead drake whizzing around, up and undering like a dolphin. Lord Duncan of Deal would have been impressed. I managed to smudge him as he plunged.


My next stop was for a gathering gaggle of geese. A red breasted goose and a lesser white front

red breasted goosewhite fronted goose

Continuing the bucolic circuit I was happy to smudge a black bellied whistling duck

black bellied whistling duck

I finished of the smudging sojourn with a portrait of a very handsome falcated drake. It wasn’t easy as I had to wait for the right moment when he lifted his Uncle Ned from the Neptune’s daughter and caught the morning’s contrary current bun!

falcated drake

All in all a rewarding morning and a pleasant outing. I returned to Chelsea in the kipper as I had brought along the big Anthony Wedgwood benn’s which are too cumbersome for the Rubic Cube.    Hasta la Pasta chumsters   x I Jedi d’Quack

The Sun has got his hat on!

Yo peepsters   Well my drears, after three days of horrid Frankie Laine the current put his titfer on and came out to play. I think the wuzzoes were pleased to see me after three days of lugubrious, Harry & Billy* weather. The great crested grebe who I managed to smudge the other day (hanging from a tree) actually came swimming towards me and posed for a smudgerooney. I know I showed a portrait recently but here’s another, so there! Even the comb duck drake seemed pleased to see Yours T and let out a loud squark which I managed to capture for your delectation.  The marbled teals were going nutty in the bright sunshine and this particular birdy came flying towards me splashing and splodging. Mind you he probably thought I was bringing some rubber dub dub**? Even a cormorant was behaving in a peculiar manner and I managed a Barnaby Rudge as he hopped and bopped about on a small island over on the wild side of the reserve      hasta la doodah chaps  x  Sir J de Quack, Knight of the Garter and Suspended Stocking



Gt crested grebeDSC_8477marbled tealcormorant

Bird Paintings

Yo peeps  The weather’s been so foul for fowl the last couple of days, I’ve stayed home and done a few chores.  As I’m unable to furnish you with smudges of oiseaux, here’s a few of my paintings for your delectation.  as always, with kindest rhubarbs    x i Jedi de Quack, Earl of Mustard & surrounding condiments


hooded-meganser 2

canada goose 3


Cape Teal

Spot bills, pintails & great crested grebes

Hi peeps   what strange weather we’re having.  Sunshine, rain, sunshine, rain. It reminds me of an old dance routine. Sunshine the dancer swings arms and points up, rain dancer swings arms down and across body  pointing at floor.  Try it at home to some 20’s music and you’ll feel like a Tiller Girl!  Anyways peeps, I enjoyed myself at the Wetlands smudging the wuzzoes between showers. For your delectation I enclose head shots of a Northern pintail drake, a Chinese spot-billed duck and a Great crested grebe.  To get close to the grebe I had to balance on the branch of a tree overhanging the lake it was swimming and diving in. I nearly fell in the water in my excitement as he came close to where I was perched amongst the foliage. I was really pleased with the Barnaby though      hasta la pasta doods           x i Jah de Kwack

northern pintail drake

spot-billed duck

Gt crested grebe