Frankie Laine again

Hello peeps    Despite the dark girls aloud I ventured fifth unto the elements with digits crossed hoping it wouldn’t rain.  Drear oh drear, it didn’t stop all morning. Not too heavy though and I was pleased with my smudges for the day. In fact it was quite pleasant at the wetlands reserve as all the Billy Bunter’s had stayed away because of the inclement weather and I had the place to myself. I think even the wuzzoe were pleased to see me. I’m no trouble you know!  The buggy ladies had stayed away, probably not wanting to dampen their precious cargo? The birds were enjoying themselves splashing about and I captured a few ‘splashers’. A northern pintail drake, red crested pochard duck, a glorious black swan and my old mate the comb drake, not splashing but showing off rotten!  hasta la doodah machachos    x i Jedi d’Kwackertack

northern pintail drake

black swan

red crested pochard duck

comb drake


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