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Bowie & Birdy

yo pesetas   (I did put peeps but Spellcheck changed it!)  so,   yo pesetas  didn’t go birding today because the visibility was dire this morning in Chelsea and I didn’t fancy driving or Shank’s mustang. I will be birding tomorrow though with a visit to Oare Marshes and Sunday, hopefully to Restharrow Scrape and Bomber Command (SBBOT) for a cuppa Rosy.  I hear the dreaded tadpoles are back on the Ancient Highway so I’ll approach from the Sandwich end. I will be accompanied by Lord Moffo of Twickenhampton. Meanwhile peepsterooneys I leave you with a picture I took of David Bowie in Paris many yonks ago and a Red Crested Pochard drake which illustrates how my fashion and rock’n’roll smudges influenced my present day bird photography.  hasta la pasta chums

x      i Jedi de Quack

SoloBowie_2red crested pochard drake


I Luvs a Mallard

Yo Doods      No birding today as I had chores to do. Mind you, the weather was really iffy when I awoke this morning with nil visibility. Would you Adam & Eve’Oh it, the old current’s just come out with his titfer on.  Oh well dudes, here’s a little gallery of portraits I smudged yesterday.  I was happy to take pictures of Mr & Mrs Mallard who people overlook because they’re so common (“A Handbag!!!”) Close up they’re gorgeous.  Mrs Mallard has long been one of my favourite oiseaux with much more bottle than the drake.

mallard duckmallard drake

The other wuzzo are white-winged duck (not sure what sex?) a Rajah Shelduck (not crisp, he moved just as I clicked, sorry) a haughty Bewick’s Swan and a golden eye lady. I always recommend you double click on a photo’ (cocko dicko), but perhaps not the shelduck and goldeneye.

wgite-winged duckradjah shelduck

Bewick's swangoldeneye duck

Hasta la pasta     xxx      i Jedi d’Kwack

Castelrau re-route

Hi doods   It seems like there’s a grey blanket of gloomy Girls Aloud lurkin’ over Londres at the moment. Still, we mustn’t let it get us down, so girdle your loincloths peeps and go fifth. I decided on Shank’s piebald this morning so carried a lighter Wedgwood (mind you, it has a longer reach) Oy Vey Beckatina, a sewer had collapsed in Castelrau Strada and the Uncle Gus had to take the relief route which I drove down with Ruby, my ancient but trusty kipper the other day. Incidentally, I reported my Putney route incorrectly, it was Putney Heath not Putney Common. I know my birding pal Clive of Ramsgate (formerly south London) will pull me up on that mistake! Arriving safely at the Wetlands after a rather traumatic bus ride accompanied by faarsands of excitable 5 to six year old kinder! Mind you their minders kept them in order, especially one young lady who could have sorted out a Suma wrestler with a quick ami-uchi without a dohyo!  At one of the exotic ponds I was quite intrigued by mum & dad whitehead lady lucks, so I enclose for your delectation Mr & Mrs plum pudding looking wuzzoes. The drake (on the left) has the whiter bonce.

white headed drakewhite headed duck

Carrying on my perambulations I was escorted for a while by a handsome blackbird. I think he might have thought I  had a bit of grub for him. Unfortunately the custodians of the reserve frown upon feeding the oiseaux. Mind you, that doesn’t apply to non residents so a garibaldi would have been welcomed by that amiable and trusting Richard the Third.

blackbird   male

My last stop was the Wildlife hide where I was intrigued by the whizzing about of a little grebe youngster. When he looked straight at me I thought he resembled a stoat, and we know what little tinkers they are.

little grebe

Hasta la pasta peeps     x    i Jah de Quack

Whole lotta stretching going on

Yo Peepsters   Well my drears, after the last few days deluge of Frankie it was a relief to see the old current put his titfer on, innit. As the visability was so good I decided to take the heavier Wedgwood’s which necessitated driving the kipper to the Wetlands. Don’t forget, I need a tripod and gimble to support the lens which is a bit of a faff on the old Rubic Cube..  All boded well until I crossed Hammersmith Bridge. For some reason Castelnau Road in Barnes was closed off so Yours T had to divert along the Thames on a roundabout route to the WWT.  Actually, I quite enjoyed taking a new route and sightseeing along the river bank. In fact when I left the reserve the road was still closed so I decided to drive over Putney Common towards Putney Bridge (which thankfully is now operating again)  Sorry doods, I’m digressing (as is my want, anno domini innit) I had a delightful morn perambulating the paths and pools of the Wetlands and managed smudges of wuzzoes doing the okey kokey, splashing and stretching which I enclose for your delectation

comb drakeDSC_8367

DSC_8458pink footed goose

You will notice that the juvenile Monty Don has a rather unpleasant dent in its Gregory Peck. I do believe his dad had ‘turfed’ him out as he had outstayed his welcome. The cob and biro (pen – courtesy Del Boy) were in an adjoining pool and didn’t want the youngster on the premises. The other stretchers are my old favourite the comb drake, magpie goose and a pink footed goose.  On my perambulations I also took a few ‘portraits’  I was particularly pleased with the plumed whistling duck who could easily be a contender for a Vogue cover.

plumed whistling duck

The other two posers are a spot billed duck and a white headed drake

spot billed duckwhite headed drake

bye bye chaps/chapettes           until the next time    remember you’re a womble      x  i Jedi d’kwack

One headshot, one poser and 3 doobleys

Yo Peeps    As the weather was quite pleasant this morning I left the kipper at the kerb again and Shank’s mule’d it to South Ken Williams station for the Rubic. There was a problem with the District Line so I escalated down into the bowels of the station to the Piccadilly Line which fortunately also goes to Hammersmithsonian.  There was a lot of sirens and similar cacaphonic perturbations which made me wonder if there was something unpleasant going on, but the trusty old duck Uncle Gus (283) turned up safely taking Yours T to the delights of the Wetland bird reserve.  I was pleased to get another portrait smudge of a Laysan teal rarity which shares a pond with the Hawaiian geese which I present for your delectation. I’m not sure which is the Arthur and which is the Martha if you look at the last Laysan teal I posted yesterday (Portraiture)  I have a feeling today’s wuzzoe is the drake?

laysan teal

At another pool I noticed a mandarin drake striking a rather fetching glamour pose which I hereby present to my discerning blogpeeps (spellcheck tried to make that BLOWPIPES)

mandarin drake

On further bucolic perambulated meanderings I took dooblay smudges of American wood drakes, pink-footed geese and pintails.    Hasta la pasta blowpipes    x    i Jedi Dr Quack

wood drakespink footed geesepintails


Yo Peeps     another Frankie Lainey day.  I must admit I stayed home at Quack Towers today except for an excursion to Waitrose to replenish victuals, then crossing the King’s Strada to Chelsea Library to re-stock up on Alexander McCall Smith’s wonderful shepherds crooks.  On my last visit to the Wetlands I did take a few portraits, so here for your delectation a bufflehead drake, hooded merganser duck, falcated drake and Laysan teal whose sex I’m not sure of.  Mind you, I was pleased to get close to this little rarity.    hasta la doodah peeps  xx i Jedi d’KwackKwack

bufflehead drakehooded merganser duck

falcated drakelaysan teal

Black-bellied Okey Kokey

Yo doods     The weather wasn’t too Clever Trevor this morning so I decided to drive to the Wetlands, therefore taking the larger Anthony Wedgwood’s. I was pleased with my smudges and hope you enjoy them too. I particularly liked the Puna Teal which I hope you double click on.  The black-bellied whistling duck gave me a nice stretch of its wing which was fortunately the un-clipped one.  I was also pleased to get a Barnaby of the very rare Laysan Teal which if wasn’t for Sir Peter Scott would now be extinct! DSC_8052

Hasta la pasta chums     x  i Jedi de Q

puna tealBB whistling duck

red crested pochard drakefalcated drakehooded merganser drake