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Slap that bass!

Yo Peeps   I did perambulate Oare Marsh yesterday (Christmas Day) but didn’t do any smudging, only ball & chalking* before a sumptuous Christmas dinner as the weather was so pleasant. So for your delectation I’m furnishing (makes you sound like an old sofa) you peepsters with a couple of my digital paintings of Mr A.    On an L.A visit, Fred had gifted me a few smudges from films he had starred in yonks ago which I’ve adapted  into paintings. A Billy Bunter** of mine had a couple (five footers) decorating his loft apartment in Manhattan. They do look a bit of a ‘number’ when printed very large             hasta la pasta chumsters x i Jedi de Kwack

*ball & chalk = walk       **Billy Bunter = punter


MrA 3 multi



Santa Reggie

Ho Ho Ho

SoloBowie 2

Another Merry Crimbo

Radjah Shelduck


Christmas Woody

Tapping St Louis* back on!!

Yo Peeps   Felt well enough to go birding yesterday so took the kipper to Barnes Wetland Centre. Not well enough to face the Rubic Cube yet.  What a nice day in turned out to be. The old current had put his hat on and it wasn’t too taters** I was rewarded with ( I think) great shots of the pulchritudinous wuzzo.  First I’ll give you a couple of headshots.  A Mrs Hooded Merganser and Mr Red-crested pochard

hooded merganserred-crested pochard

Now peeps, you know I like water movement and colour composition, so was pleased with the way the sun reflected on the rippling water.  The two wuzzoes are hooded merganser drake and a bufflehead ducky

DSC_8752hooded merganser drake

During my perambulations I seemed to be followed by a curious little robin. Here’s a smudge of the saucy little bird watching me from a nearby tree


Until the next time,  hasta la pasta machachas (spellcheck tried to make that machetes!!!)  xxxx    i Jedi de Quack

* St Louis = St Louis Blues – shoes     **Taters + potatoes in the mould – cold

Stretching & Leaping

Yo Peepsters      More from the archive……….

Neck b & wcanada goose

Leaping r&wdemoiselle crane

hasta la pasta doods   xxx  i Jah de Kwack