Sir Peter checking my equipment!

Yo Peepsters  Despite the overcast weather I drove to the Wetlands for a morning of smudge.  Because of the low visibility I took the large glass Wedgwood Benn’s. Here’s a picture of Sir Peter Scott checking my lens for suitability

Sir Peter

Having been given the green light I sallied fifth and stopped by the wigeon pool.  I enclose a Barnaby of the wigeon drake who looked very handsome in his winter plumage.

wigeon drake

Carrying on regardless, I managed smudges of a red-crested pochard drake (a doppelgänger for David Bowie), a hooded merganser duck  and a  ferruginous drake.

red-crested pochardhooded merganserferruginous drake

I know I’ve posted an American wood drake before, but couldn’t resist leaving another portrait, he looked so gorgeous!

American wood drake

hasta la pasta doodsters   xx   i Jedi de Q


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