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One headshot, one poser and 3 doobleys

Yo Peeps    As the weather was quite pleasant this morning I left the kipper at the kerb again and Shank’s mule’d it to South Ken Williams station for the Rubic. There was a problem with the District Line so I escalated down into the bowels of the station to the Piccadilly Line which fortunately also goes to Hammersmithsonian.  There was a lot of sirens and similar cacaphonic perturbations which made me wonder if there was something unpleasant going on, but the trusty old duck Uncle Gus (283) turned up safely taking Yours T to the delights of the Wetland bird reserve.  I was pleased to get another portrait smudge of a Laysan teal rarity which shares a pond with the Hawaiian geese which I present for your delectation. I’m not sure which is the Arthur and which is the Martha if you look at the last Laysan teal I posted yesterday (Portraiture)  I have a feeling today’s wuzzoe is the drake?

laysan teal

At another pool I noticed a mandarin drake striking a rather fetching glamour pose which I hereby present to my discerning blogpeeps (spellcheck tried to make that BLOWPIPES)

mandarin drake

On further bucolic perambulated meanderings I took dooblay smudges of American wood drakes, pink-footed geese and pintails.    Hasta la pasta blowpipes    x    i Jedi Dr Quack

wood drakespink footed geesepintails