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Blue winged goose

Yo Peeps   No birding today, so here’s a few of my paintings in recompense. First an avocet, then a magpie



Followed by a blue-winged goose and a Hawaiian goose

blue-winged goose 3

nene goose

Hopefully I’ll be birding tomorrow     ta ta   xxxx  i Jedi de Q


A Wondrous day for Wuzzo

Yo Peepsters  What a glorious day for the Budjer Boys outing (bird smudgers).  Bernie, Duncan, Joe and Yours T. We set off from Bomber Command (SBBOT) at 6 in the morn and were safely deposited to the reserve at Marquenterre just after 9 having Folkestone channeled it. Do you know peeps, it was quicker than travelling to Arundel (which I’m fond of) without having to traversadoodling the ghastly M25. We couldn’t have wished for better weather, with a clear blue apple without a Girls Aloud to be seen. Not too peas or taters, just right. We didn’t know what to smudge first with the abundance of wuzzo. Mind you, the Steve Boys (Ashton, Ray & Raenart) captured a crested tit which I’ve been after for yonkoes. Mustn’t complain though as we managed various heron, stork and a cornucopia of water wuzzo. We became so blasé that we didn’t bother with the pulchritudinous avocet but concentrated on the beguiling black winged stilts which are not too numerous on Restharrow Scrape. I was also rewarded with a delightful little willow warbler singing its little strawberry tart out. Lunch at the reserve was delicious as the French do know how to cook a meal. Grilled jambon and french fries, what could be better for the Fat Boy of Peckham? I think the highlight of the day was the spatula blanche, the marvellous spoonbills Platalea leucorodia. It was a very happy team of Budjer Boys who returned to Angleterre, well pleased with the abundance of wuzzo and pleasant company of the SBBOT members who accompanied us on the old Ken Loach. Special thanks to Mike Briggs who ran a tight ship. The two Petes, Findley and Dean and it was comforting to have Ken Chapman aboard as he knows a thing or two about wuzzoes. It was storka memorable day. I must say, it was a treat to be picked up at Bomber Command by Lady de Q when we arrived back, and then taken for a tasty Ruby Murry at Bengal Spice on the Strand at Walmer. Hasta la pasta peeps, I leave you with Barnaby Rudge’s of Stork, Spatula Blanche, Black-winged Stilt and Willow Warbler x i jah de Q

spoonbillblack winged stilt
stork 2
willow warbler

Pilgrimage to Canterbury

Salvete homo sapiens    The day started well with a trip to Canterbury with Lady de Q and Kaibonnyboyo. A very agreeable breakfast at the Goodshed restaurant where I was intrigued to see a stylish new bar and snacky thingy named the ‘Wild Goose’ where there used to be just a snacky thingy. Looked rather good. Then it was on to chores and stuff. Mind you, I didn’t mind accompanying Lady de Q to Chromos which is a superb store for arty wotsits. I purchased a rather nice pen whilst perusing as memsahib went about hither and thither buying assorted artwork items. Fortunately I got back to Quack Towers in time for a light lunch and then on to Restharrow Scrape for an afternoon’s birding. Thank goodness someone has started to fill in the tadpoles and sinkholes of the Ancient Crovis.  Mind you, it looked termporary and more David Blaine will flush whatever they stuffed in out, but I was thankful in keeping my chassis intact.  Oooer missus! It seems that at last the migratory birds are arriving with a very impressive list logged up at the SBBOT field centre.  Unfortunately I missed the avocet and Egyptian geese that had made an appearance on the scrape, but Steve Reynaert took some very fine smudges which are posted on the SBBOT website. This afternoon I managed a few Barnaby’s of Redshank, Shelduck and a very handsome lapwing which I post for your delectation   a bene placito        x i jah de Q

lap,tuft,redshank lapwing  m shelduck:redshank