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Please close the gate

Yo peeperooneys  Nice day at the wetlands yesterday morning. Cold, but fresh and bright.  Good visibility for smudging. First stop/pool was the mergansers habitat with an American wood duck also residing. The Mrs Hooded Merganser was ‘giving it plenty’ with the beautiful barnet and the wood duck drake didn’t look too shabby either!

hooded merganserwood drake

This little bufflehead drake was getting his knickers in a twist showing off rotten


I was pleased with the water effects for the background of this handsome white-headed drake (you know I love my water effects) with the old current bun reflecting off the reeds

white-headed drake

I was a little apprehensive entering the pool with the black swans with this chap standing guard and daring me to enter. It’s the start of the breeding season and the black Monty Don’s get a little aggressive

black swan

Well peeps, you know I also love a headshot for my portrait gallery, so was pleased to capture the wild tufty drake as he flew in to nick a bit of the collection birds tucker

tufted drake

Also was taken with the red-crested pochard drake who reminded me of my David Bowie cover ‘Pin Ups’, taken back in the 70’s with Twiggy

red-crested pochard

Hasta la pasta machacharooneys   xx     i Jedi de Quackman


View from the Uncle Gus

Yo peepsters  I decided on the Rubic Cube and Uncle Gus for my sojourn to the wetlands this morning. There was a bit of ice and slush on the frog and toad so didn’t fancy kippering it! Good job I ‘bussed it’ today, it looks like the bus drivers are going on strike in London tomorrow. Despite the freezy coldy the current bun had got his hat on and it was very pleasant. I even managed a shot (on my iPhone) from the bus (sorry about the dirty windows) of the River Thames as I crossed Hammersmith Bridge

Hammersmith Bridge

Arriving at Barnes WWT I took another shot of the mandarin drake who looks much sleeker than my last post because he’d just swum up from beneath the Neptune’s daughter

mandarin Drake

My favourite wuzzoe, the comb drake or knob-billed duck if you prefer, was doing the okey kokey to impress the ladies. I loved the iridescent sheen on his wings

comb drake

My next stop was the pool with the screamers in, although it was a bit  ‘taters in the mould’ for them to be too vociferous

southern crested screamer

The rest of the morning I spent doing headshots for my portrait gallery. For your delectation I include a spot-billed duck, a pretty mandarin duck and a very elegant black swan peering round his partner’s Gregory Peck!

spot-billed duckmandarin duckblack swans

Until the next time machachas     xx  i Jedi de Quack

Paintings for today

Yo Peeps   Haven’t been birding/smudging for the last couple of days (slightly ‘under the weather’)  Should be out & about tomorrow, so here’s a few of my paintings to recompense!   Black Swans getting amorous, oystercatcher, demoiselle crane, rook and a shelduck

hasta la pasta muchachas   xxxx   i Jedi de Quack

black swans

Oystercatcher 5

rook2 4demoiselle crane

shelduck 4

Frankie Laine again

Hello peeps    Despite the dark girls aloud I ventured fifth unto the elements with digits crossed hoping it wouldn’t rain.  Drear oh drear, it didn’t stop all morning. Not too heavy though and I was pleased with my smudges for the day. In fact it was quite pleasant at the wetlands reserve as all the Billy Bunter’s had stayed away because of the inclement weather and I had the place to myself. I think even the wuzzoe were pleased to see me. I’m no trouble you know!  The buggy ladies had stayed away, probably not wanting to dampen their precious cargo? The birds were enjoying themselves splashing about and I captured a few ‘splashers’. A northern pintail drake, red crested pochard duck, a glorious black swan and my old mate the comb drake, not splashing but showing off rotten!  hasta la doodah machachos    x i Jedi d’Kwackertack

northern pintail drake

black swan

red crested pochard duck

comb drake

A balmy (not barmy) day at Barnes

Yo Doodsters   I left this morning on Shank’s Pony and headed for South Kensington Underground Station (didn’t the Wombles sing overground/underground?)  Then it was Rubic Cube to Hammerschmidt and the delights of the 283 duck bus to the Wetlands.  Fortunately the old current bun came out and after half an hour old deKwackers was schvittzin in his heavy nanny goat. My first ‘smudge of the day’ was a very obliging black-bellied whistling duck. I particularly liked the composition with the green rippling Neptune’s daughter. black-bellied whistling duck My next Barnaby Rudge was of a handsome Austral Black Monty Don who gave me my favourite face forward pose as if it was for a Harper’s Bazaar cover (the last cover I ‘shot’ for Harper’s was of Raquel Welch) black swan I continued on to the pool where the eiders confabulate with their Frankie Howard vocalising (“Oooer missus”) and was pleased to see northern pintail drakes. Up to now there’s only been ladies. I could be wrong, perhaps the drakes were in juv panoply and were now emerging into their adult finery? northern pintail Overall it was a very pleasant morning which was finished off with a cup of hot chocolate at the riverside restaurant where I was joined by this very saucy jackdaw. jackdaw yaki da doodsters    x i Jah de Quack, Earl of Mustard

Phoenicopterus Portraiture

Yo Baraterooneys  Had chores to do this glorious morning so didn’t go Richard the Thirding, so I’ve posted a few bird portraits taken the last week at Barnes WWT.  Not the flamingo though,  I smudged the elongated Gregory Peck’d ‘Tangoed’ wuzzoe at Slimbridge WWT a little while ago on a visit with Lord Moffo who at the mo’ is in Hungryland chasing  lepidoptera.  Hasta la pasta machacharooneys x i Jedi d’Quackmandoo





bufflehead  drake


bufflehead   male



hooded merganser  F


hooded merganser   female


black swan


black swan

Volitation, Viscissitude & Variety of Hirundae at Restharrow

Prynhawn da Peeps     Kaibosh and Yours T spent about ten minutes at the Jeckle this morning vadering the whizzing sleepy hollows, but a taters northerly dampened our cod fillet,  so we carried on to Bomber Command for Charlotte Joffe and a chinwag with Johnathon the Moth and Johnathon the paint.  Unfortunately, young Kaiboy being a cherry isn’t allowed on the premises so I had to leave him in the kipper with the hump! I wasn’t too long though and we quickly returned to Quack Towers via the Ancient Crovis with Kaibuncle giving me the evil mince pie as he lay in the passenger seat muttering under his breath like an asthmatic budgerigar. I’ll have to cook him a couple of sausages with his tin of doggy stuff. That  little cherry loves a soss, but Lady de Q tells me off saying it’s too salty for cherries! So I’ll surreptitiously slip him a soss when memsahib’s not looking, making sure his water bowl is full.  Anyways peeps, as I don’t have sufficient smudges from this morning I’ll post some portraits I’d taken from my recent archive,  They are  influenced from my days as a fashion and rockstar photographer.  I shot (ouch) the lady mandarin ducky as if it was for a Vogue cover.  The black swan Harper’s Bazaar, and the Black-necked swan for Mad Magazine!    lechyd da      x i jah de Q