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Wetlands’s Wonderland

Hi Peepers    Had a jolly time yesterday at the wetlands Barnes WWT.  Wasn’t too cold but the sun came out with his titfer on. First port of call was the pond with the goldeneyes. I think dad has just got his leg over (so to speak) and mum is having a good think about it!

goldeneye drakegoldeneye duck

I was pleased with my Barnaby Rudge of the drake canvasback as it’s hard to see the unfortunate clipped wing while the other looks magnificent as he goes full stretch

canvasback  drake

I spotted this handsome American wood drake lurking in the trees beside the pool. Fortunately the sun shone through and lit him up!

American wood drake

Moving on I ‘captured’ this tufted drake who obliged me by swimming into the middle of the pool where I managed to get reflections from the reeds shimmering on the Neptune’s.  You know I love a water effect.

tufted drake

Close by were a pair of scaup.  I love the way the old current caught the iridescence on dad’s loaf of bread


Another nice water effect was reflected around the white-headed duck as she swam about minding her own business.  Fabulous proboscis, innit

white headed duck

until the next time my friends    xx i Jedi de Quack

Neptune’s daughter = water     current bun = sun    titfer tat = hat  Barnaby Rudge – smudge = photograph loaf of bread = head

PS  I’ve included the small glossary as a few of my friends in distant lands are discombobulated by the cockney rhyming slang


slipping & sliding, groovin’ and gliding

Hi peepsters   Had a jolly morning yesterday despite it being a bit Harry & Billy. I drove to the Wetland’s where I was joined by his nibs, Lord Moffo of Twickershire. There was a lot of ice on the water but the current bun was shining, which made for good photography. It was amusing to watch this coot slipping across a pond, but those big old plates of meat are up for the task!


First port of call was the smew pond where I captured this handsome smew drake posing for the ladies (look at that Tony Curtis quiff)

smew drake

Moving on to the next strip of water I ‘smudged’ a handsome canvasback drake ‘giving it plenty’ He looks like he’s doing that ‘deckchair song!

canvasback drake

The next photograph is of a red-crested pochard having a jolly good stretch. In the same pond was a ferruginous drake balancing on the ice and enjoying the sunshine. Bless!

red-crested pochardferruginous drake

My last shot is of this mandarin drake enjoying the morning sun. I know I post a lot of smudges of this flamboyant lady luck, but who can resist when they look this gorgeous?

mandarin drake

Until the next time my friends    tooty frooty  xx i Jedi de Quack

Cold & frosty morn

Yo peeps It was rather bleak this morning as I peered out of my box and looked along Pond Place.  Nevertheless, a strong cup of Palm Toffee set me up for a jolly birding outing. As it was a bit slippy with ice on the frog I decided to leave the kipper at the kerb and take the Rubic Cube and Uncle Gus for a Wetland’s sojourn.  And it was delightful. Great fun watching the coots slipping and a sliding on the ice as well as a carrion crow

cootcarrion crow

I managed smudges of a Carolina drake (American wood duck) doing the Okey Kokey as well as a handsome ferruginous drake posing by the water’s edge

Carolinaferruginous duck

The light became better as the morning moved on and I was pleased to indulge in my penchant for bird headshot portraits destined for my Portrait Archive. For your delectation I give you a gorgeous mallard duck (I luvs ’em)   A fulvous whistling duck, a Mandarin drake and a canvasback drake


fulvous whistling duck

Mandarin drake

canvasback drake

All in all, a very satisfying morning. As I left the reserve the old current bun still had his hat on despite the freezy coldy.

‘Til the next time, tooty frooty xx i Jedi de Q

…….and there’s more

Yo Peepsters    Oy Vey, it was foul (not fowl) this morning. Non stop Frankie Laine, so I didn’t fancy Richard the Thirding. I do believe it will be better tomorrow, so I’ll girdle my loincloth and venture fifth.  Here’s more Barnaby Rudge’s from yesterday’s excursion to the Wetlands at Barnes.  A portrait of the rare Layson teal (some say duck?) and a canvasback drake. I was also pleased with the background effect of the cormorant drying his wings. You know I love a water ripple doodah thingy.

Laysan teal

canvasback drake

cormorant WWT

Remember you’re a Womble     xxx  i Jah de Kwak

Two posers and a saucy jackdaw

Hi peepsters  well my drears, it turned out nice again which was a relief are last night’s fireworks disappointments with the continuing Frankie Laine.  Mind you, this blinkin’ fireworks business has been going on all week here in Chelsea waking up old d’Kwack in his slumbers so I wasn’t too distressed with the half-hearted displays in the rain. I took the Rubic cube this morning and it was such a pleasant walk to the station as I was accompanied by Melanie Estelle my delightful daughter who was making her way back to Abergavenny haven’t stayed overnight at Quack Towers. The apple pie was blue and clear above the WWT reserve and a little bit Harry & Billy, perfect for Barnaby Rudge’ing, innit. I was rewarded with two serious Vogue posers, Mr Canvasback and Monsieur Bufflehead. They were giving it plenty Barbara Goalen (famous 50’s fashion model) which I’ve placed for your delectation.

canvas back drakebufflehead drake

After a satisfying morning’s smudging I visited the riverside restaurant for a cup of hot chocolate and a slice of Sexton Blake, yum yum.  Well would you Adam & Evelyn Waugh it, a saucy jackdaw hopped onto my table and demanded a piece of Sexton. Being a big softy I gave him a piece but insisted he posed for me! I enclose Barnaby of saucy jackdaw waiting for his grub


hasta la pasta chums     xx  iJedi de Quack