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Little Grebe in the rain

Oy Vey Becky!  It was hard getting out of bed this morning. All night long the wind and rain had been banging against my windowpane (wasn’t that a song by Tina Turner ‘I can’t stand the rain’) Outside my window is a flagpole, and the rain and wind made it sound like a marina with the wind whistling through the wires of sailing boats. Mind you, a late breakfast of bacon and eggs, thoroughly disapproved of by the professor (my pulchritudinous vegetarian wife Susie Q) soon put things right. That intrepid canine Master Kaibosh and I went out into the storm, traversing the deep puddles flooding the Ancient Highway on the road to Restharrow Scrape.  Most of the wildfowl were sensibly tucked in (that is their little loafs of bread*) close to the islands banks. The only respectable smudge I got was of the hardy little grebe who didn’t mind the lashing rain and brisk south wester. I did get a shot of a beautiful drake teal, but I’ve bored you already with too many pictures of that smashing little duck. After about ten minutes peering out of the hide’s shutters, Geronimo* and I made our way to Bomber Command for a warming cup of Chantal Joffe* (the coffee for me, cherries* aren’t permitted in HQ because of the wuzzoes) so his nibs patiently waited in the kipper for my return. I hope the weather eases for tomorrow, although I don’t really mind as the scrape is always a delight for this old codger and his bodger    xxx  JdeQ   PS   I’ve just remembered who first sang ‘I can’t stand the rain’  It was Ann Peebles

* loafs of bread = head    *Geronimo = Master Kaskai     *Chantal Joffe, English artist  = coffee

*cherries-cherry hogs = dogs