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Wetlands Wonderland

Yo peeps   Haven’t posted for a while, so here’s a little group of smudges I took at Barnes Wetlands one morning this week. I was in and out like a fiddler’s elbow. In at 9.30 opening time, crash bash sausage and mash, smudges taken.  By ten to eleven I was sitting down in the waterside restaurant having a cup of Rosy and a slice of Sexton Blake before returning to Chelsea.  Method in madness, special deal, only 3 sovs (£3) before 11 0’clock. The Danish pastry is a bit tasty. Sorry I digress.  First port of call was the pool where the smews reside alongside the goldeneyes.  Here’s a Barnaby Rudge of the two drakes doing the okeykokey (posturing for the ladies)

smew drakegoldeneye drake

In another of the pools a marbled teal drake was also ‘giving it plenty’. It’s the first time I’ve been able to identify the male. The crest at the back helped!

marbled teal drake

The little buffleheads looked gorgeous in their courting plumage. I enclose a photograph of mum & dad

bufflehead duckbufflehead drake

In the same pool as the buffleheads was this splendid American wood drake. I know I post a lot of smudges of the Carolina but who could resist this handsome devil?

American wood drake

I thought a quick snap of a Southern Crested Screamer would be allowed (I also post them a lot!) as he was doing a stretch in the morning sunshine.

southern crested screamer

My last port of call on my perambulations of the wetland pathways and pools was the Wildside Hide where I was delighted to capture this little grebe stretching his wings

little grebe

Before I bid you adieu, I must leave you with Mr Angry of Tunbridge Wells who was giving me the evil eye

tufted drake

That was a tufted drake.  TTFN   xx i Jedi de Quack


Bowie & Birdy

yo pesetas   (I did put peeps but Spellcheck changed it!)  so,   yo pesetas  didn’t go birding today because the visibility was dire this morning in Chelsea and I didn’t fancy driving or Shank’s mustang. I will be birding tomorrow though with a visit to Oare Marshes and Sunday, hopefully to Restharrow Scrape and Bomber Command (SBBOT) for a cuppa Rosy.  I hear the dreaded tadpoles are back on the Ancient Highway so I’ll approach from the Sandwich end. I will be accompanied by Lord Moffo of Twickenhampton. Meanwhile peepsterooneys I leave you with a picture I took of David Bowie in Paris many yonks ago and a Red Crested Pochard drake which illustrates how my fashion and rock’n’roll smudges influenced my present day bird photography.  hasta la pasta chums

x      i Jedi de Quack

SoloBowie_2red crested pochard drake

strabismic goldeneyes going goofy

Yo Peepsters   Shank’s again this morning to Barnes wetlands. The goldeneyes were going a little nutty splashing about and showing off rotten. here’s a smudge of  dad and mum going a bit ‘mum & dad’.

goldeneye drake

goldeneye duck

The radjah shelducks were also getting their Alan Wicker’s in a twist and I enclose a shot of one of those handsome dudes doing the okey jokey as well as a headshot which is destined for my portrait gallery

radjah shelduck 2

radjah shelduck

Towards the end of the morning a few drops of Frankie Laine started to fall so I made my way back to the waterside restaurant for a hot choco before boarding the Uncle Gus for Hammersmith where my Rubic cube waited to take me back to South Kenneth Williams and Chelsea. But my peeps, before I left I was pleased to get this Barnaby Rudge of a very good looking northern pintail drake which I hope you like.   Unfortunately, as I left the confines of the underground station and Wendy Dagworth’d my way up Onslow Gardens the old Frankie Laine bucketed down and a very wet Doctor Quack  who’d forgotten to take his titfer, arrived home but was quickly revived, fortified by a hot cup of Rosy.   hasta la pasta machacharooneys  x i Jah de Quack

northern pintail drake

A plie, pirouetting pintail

Yo Doodsters  Despite the weather forecast I took a chance and Arnos Grove to Barnes. It did Frankie Laine though, so I sat in the kipper in the carpark of the WWT as it delugederooney’d. I was happy with my smudges as I captured a northern pintail doing the Okey Kokey.  I managed a Barnaby of the handsome Chinese spot-billed duck for your delectation then called it a day, especially as my Wedgewood Benns were misting up a bit. It reminded me of my fashion beauty shots when I used to put vaseline around the rim of the lens (using a filter of course) if I was shooting a magazine cover.  I had a very nice meal in the WWT’s waterside restaurant despite the torrential rain, then legged it back to the carpark.  Oy Vey missus, what a catastrophe. There was a blooming’ (oh yes I toned down the Lord Mayoring for my more gentle readers) bicycle race or some such b*****ks.  All the bridges were closed and it took me 4 hours to get back to Chelsea when it’s usually half an hour tops! It wasn’t a *******+@$% ******* Tour de France, but soppy people with numbers on their helmets. Farsaaands of ’em!   Calm down Kwackers, remember your a womble.   Anyway peepsters, here’s today’s Barnaby Rudge’s     Hasta la pasta    x  i Jah de Flabberkwack

PS  apologies, but here’s another wonderful comb drake. Couldn’t resist it

Northern pintail

Northern pintail 2

Northern pintail 3

Chinese spot-bolled duck

comb duck