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View from the Uncle Gus

Yo peepsters  I decided on the Rubic Cube and Uncle Gus for my sojourn to the wetlands this morning. There was a bit of ice and slush on the frog and toad so didn’t fancy kippering it! Good job I ‘bussed it’ today, it looks like the bus drivers are going on strike in London tomorrow. Despite the freezy coldy the current bun had got his hat on and it was very pleasant. I even managed a shot (on my iPhone) from the bus (sorry about the dirty windows) of the River Thames as I crossed Hammersmith Bridge

Hammersmith Bridge

Arriving at Barnes WWT I took another shot of the mandarin drake who looks much sleeker than my last post because he’d just swum up from beneath the Neptune’s daughter

mandarin Drake

My favourite wuzzoe, the comb drake or knob-billed duck if you prefer, was doing the okey kokey to impress the ladies. I loved the iridescent sheen on his wings

comb drake

My next stop was the pool with the screamers in, although it was a bit  ‘taters in the mould’ for them to be too vociferous

southern crested screamer

The rest of the morning I spent doing headshots for my portrait gallery. For your delectation I include a spot-billed duck, a pretty mandarin duck and a very elegant black swan peering round his partner’s Gregory Peck!

spot-billed duckmandarin duckblack swans

Until the next time machachas     xx  i Jedi de Quack


Freezy coldy, but nice soft light

Yo Peeps  It was very Harry & Billy this morning but I liked the soft light. I arranged to meet Lord Moffo at the Wetland’s and wasn’t disappointed as the wuzzoes seemed pleased to see me.  Even the little robin showed up and followed me for a while. It was a treat ambulating the avenues of the reserve stopping off at different countries. Oh yes, there are various locations geographically for the exotic collection of wuzzo (oiseaux). Not sure what location it was for my first two birds (I’ve never read the various well-placed information boards) A Mrs Bufflehead languishing elegantly by a pool, while Mrs American wood duck gracefully swam by

buffleheadAmerican wood duck

The hooded merganser drake whizzed about showing off rotten in front of the merganser ladies

hooded merganser

I stopped by the African pool where the southern crested screamers were ‘giving it plenty’ in the posing department. I’m not sure if they should be in the ‘African’ section? Mind you, there is a Northern screamer, so perhaps my discombobulation was unnecessary. I know I show the screamers a lot, but who can resist a screamer?

southern crested screamer

As Moffo and myself headed back towards the waterside restaurant for our morning cup of burnt toffee and a slice of Sexton Blake an iridescent loaf of bread of a falcated Sir Francis Drake caught the mince pie, so we stopped briefly for a quick smudge. I think it was in an Oriental pool as it also contained Chinese spot-billed ducks?

falcated drake

His Lordship and myself will be heading for Kent this weekend where I’m looking forward to catching up with my chums at Bomber Command (SBBOT) as well as a morning’s Barnaby Rudging at Oare Marsh.   Hasta la pasta machachas xx i Jedi de Quack

Spot bills, pintails & great crested grebes

Hi peeps   what strange weather we’re having.  Sunshine, rain, sunshine, rain. It reminds me of an old dance routine. Sunshine the dancer swings arms and points up, rain dancer swings arms down and across body  pointing at floor.  Try it at home to some 20’s music and you’ll feel like a Tiller Girl!  Anyways peeps, I enjoyed myself at the Wetlands smudging the wuzzoes between showers. For your delectation I enclose head shots of a Northern pintail drake, a Chinese spot-billed duck and a Great crested grebe.  To get close to the grebe I had to balance on the branch of a tree overhanging the lake it was swimming and diving in. I nearly fell in the water in my excitement as he came close to where I was perched amongst the foliage. I was really pleased with the Barnaby though      hasta la pasta doods           x i Jah de Kwack

northern pintail drake

spot-billed duck

Gt crested grebe

Where’s Bertha?

Yo Doodsters After yesterday’s traffic jam nightmare I took to Shank’s Pony this morning for my journey to the wetlands (Barnes WWT). Left the kipper at the kerb and Rubic Cubed it, then Uncle Gus to my destination. I was a bit apprehensive about the threat of Hurricane Bertha’s aftermath which threatened heavy Frankie Laine and serious Mork & Mindy, but it was quite pleasant. As I wasn’t driving I travelled lightly and left the heavy Wedgewood Benn’s and gimble back at the ranch. Mind you, my Sigma 50 -500 mm does the business with a full sensor camera and I was pleased with the results. I managed to Barnaby Rudge a Pink footed goose, a Chinese spot billed duck and a pretty young ringed teal lady. I also noticed a rascally young magpie lurking around the exotics food. I wasn’t sure if it was a juv or had alopecia? Hasta la doodah x i Jedi Dr Quack
pink legged goose
Chinese spot-billed duck
ringed teal

A plie, pirouetting pintail

Yo Doodsters  Despite the weather forecast I took a chance and Arnos Grove to Barnes. It did Frankie Laine though, so I sat in the kipper in the carpark of the WWT as it delugederooney’d. I was happy with my smudges as I captured a northern pintail doing the Okey Kokey.  I managed a Barnaby of the handsome Chinese spot-billed duck for your delectation then called it a day, especially as my Wedgewood Benns were misting up a bit. It reminded me of my fashion beauty shots when I used to put vaseline around the rim of the lens (using a filter of course) if I was shooting a magazine cover.  I had a very nice meal in the WWT’s waterside restaurant despite the torrential rain, then legged it back to the carpark.  Oy Vey missus, what a catastrophe. There was a blooming’ (oh yes I toned down the Lord Mayoring for my more gentle readers) bicycle race or some such b*****ks.  All the bridges were closed and it took me 4 hours to get back to Chelsea when it’s usually half an hour tops! It wasn’t a *******+@$% ******* Tour de France, but soppy people with numbers on their helmets. Farsaaands of ’em!   Calm down Kwackers, remember your a womble.   Anyway peepsters, here’s today’s Barnaby Rudge’s     Hasta la pasta    x  i Jah de Flabberkwack

PS  apologies, but here’s another wonderful comb drake. Couldn’t resist it

Northern pintail

Northern pintail 2

Northern pintail 3

Chinese spot-bolled duck

comb duck