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demoiselle crane

Oooooooer missus,  Torrential innit.  If you think I’m going out in that! I’ll have to give you one I did before (smudge that is) No scraping today, I’m staying put in Quackers Hall. Mind you, what with the wind and rain plus Christmas shoppers feverishly perambulating the byways of Deal, can you blame me? Fingers crossed the hide at Restharrow is still standing, what with the violent gusts of wind blowing across the dunes and Cinque Port Golf Club from over the sea wall.  At the other SBBOT scrape, Backsands, the two hides there have been blown down with the heavy storms from a few days ago. Even the concrete bases were split! On that happy note I wish you a Happy Christmas and prosperous ‘How’s yer Father’  x  de Q       PS  I photographed the crane at WWT, Barnes