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Yo Doods    Still overcast this morning, but at least it wasn’t raining.  Still a hairy drive from Deal to Sandwich via the Ancient Highway which resembles a battlefield.  One thoughtful person has put a yellow cone over a particularly nasty one (must be a foot deep) which could do one’s undercarriage a bit of damage (ooh matron!)  It was pleasant at the scrape though with plenty of ducks. The gadwall flock seems to be getting larger as does the Tufties. There’s about 260 teal still on the scrape, the drakes displaying and splashing about, showing off to the ladies like soppy teenagers!  A bit like me (back in the dark ages) at Tottenham Royal showing off in my Teddy Boy suit doing the ‘creep’ to Ted Heath & his Orchestra with the lovely Marion Ryan on vocals! That’s Mr Heath the band leader not the prime minister.  A very handsome shelduck drake had roosted overnight and took off when the early morning light brightened. I leave you with a smudge of the shelduck      tooty frooty      x  deQ



Whizzing teal

Yo Doods   It was very Morko* at the scrape this morning, loads of ducks but little else. A flock of lapwing flew in, 50 followed by another 50.  The gadwalls (11) were still lurking as well as mallard (similar numbers) but the shovelers had shoved off. The only excitement was the teal whizzing about as if it was Spring? Here in Kent we’re getting ready to batten down the hatches as more wind and rain is forecast (as if we haven’t had enough!) It was very obliging of the teal to put on such a good show. I include a snap of the teals whizzing.  I wish you all a Happy New Year and stuff      x  J de Q

*Mork & Mindy = windy


Gadwall Argy Bargy

Hi   It was a bit Mork & Mindy* on the scrape today.  Faarsands of Lady Lucks, but not much else.  The little grebe was busy though whizzing about the place, much to the annoyance of the grumpy coots (what’s their problem?) A very handsome briar pipe* fiddled about amongst the jellied eels*, but mainly was minding his own business.  Oy Vey, all of a sudden it was ‘off’. The drake gadwalls were displaying to the pretty ladies when two ‘testerooneed up’bully boys started a ‘row’. I’ve included for your delectation a smudge of the fracas that ensued.   ta ta for now    x JdeQ

*Mork & Mindy = windy   *briar pipe = snipe    *jellied eels = teals