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Valentino still lurking!

Doodles  I’m sorry to be a bore, but I’m still fixated on the glossies. Mind you, there were so many kippers* alongside the scrape that Kaibosh and I (doncha love that film Withnail & I) nearly carried on to Bomber Command. It was a bit chock ice* in the hide, but Kaiboy’s seat was still available, so we had good views of the ibises. I managed enclosed shot, but still would like to get a smudge in better light (dear oh dear de Q you old tart, workman blaming tools etc…)  Anyways, it was a good morning with Duncan & Evan joining the party, followed by Charlotte Joffe at HQ.  I had to get back to Quack Towers a bit lively as Madam de Q had arranged an outing to Margate, and lunch at the Sands Hotel with Hamish & Carol. The view from the dining room overlooking Margate Harbour is fantabby. I enclose a smudge taken on my iPhone during lunch. Incidentally, there’s a marvellous Eastern European supermarket below the hotel and on the front.  Balkan Something? Brilliant.  Nothing’s in English (which appeals to me) so I don’t really know what’s in the jars of attractive labeled stuff I feverishly buy.The guv  (Madam de Q) was very naughty buying a big bag of toffees from the sweet shop in Margate and eat nearly the whole package on the drive home. I was mucho jello as I can’t eat toffees as they hurt my old Hampstead’s*. By the way, lunch at Sands was delicious, with Carole remarking the crumble was the best she’d ever eaten!  Blog ya tomorrer doods   x i Jah de Q

*kipper & bloater = motor   *chockice = chock -a- bloc  *Hampstead Heath = teeth



Margate Bay


Valentino Rossi still hanging about!

Yo Doods  The two Valentinos’* are still on the scrape. When I arrived at Restharrow I knew the word had got out that the ibis were here by the number of jam jars* parked up on the side of the frog*.  Ooooer missus, were Master Kaibosh and myself going to be able to squeeze in? Fortunately, there was a perch for us and we were able to see the birds quite clearly. Mind you, they were on the other side of the scrape and the light was a little tidderley bates, so a good smudge was out of the question. Fortunately, something disturbed the starling flock and lapwings, who then took up in a panicked crowd (lapwings are real drama queens). This sent the two glossies up and I was able to get a flight shot as they whizzed over the hide. Not the best of light but I was pleased with the silhouette which I post for your delectation.  An added bonus was a brief appearance from the water rail who I managed to smudge as he darted into the water-logged reeds.            As always your right and my left    i jah de Q

*Valentino Rossi (my hero and MotoGP whizz kid) = Glossy     *jam jars = cars    *frog & toad = road


Water rail

Glossy Ibis

Doodles  Would you Adam & Shakira it, when I opened the shutter of the hide at Restharrow this morning I couldn’t believe the minces*! At first I thought I was looking at the backs of two coots as the light was quite dark (8.45) Then I realised that they had long slim lallies*. Oooooer missus, could it be the blinkin’ ibis I’ve been hearing about but missing every blooming’ time?  One turned its Uncle Ned*, and Oy Vey Becky, with that Pinochio proboscis it could only be an Ibis. I shot off a few smudges  (cursing the light under my breath, but not too loud to offend Master Kai) and managed a couple of reasonable ones, all the time switching between RAW and J.peg. I quickly ‘phoned Squadron Leader (Ian Hodges, warden) of Bomber Command, who was making his way to the point.  That’s along Sandwich Bay seashore towards Pegwell Bay. Quite a distance from the scrape. Well my drears, he could have passed Usain Bolt as he whizzed back to the hide carrying full kit in his backpack (that’s Ian not Usain).  There’s not many glossies perambulating the banks of the scrape! My two chums Bernie & Duncan turned up (much to the delight of Kaibosh) so it was great they were there for the ibis sighting.  I leave for your delectation this smudge of the two glossies.  Tooty frooty    i Jah de Q

*minces = mince pies- eyes    *lallies = legs   * Uncle Ned = head


Darling Starling

Hi   Funny old weather innit?  Do you know, as I drove along the Strand this morning the sun was shining down and I could see across to France.  From St Margaret’s (next to Deal) it’s the closest point to France, hence all the wuzzoes flying across at that juncture.  It had poured over night, so it was a pleasure to see sailor’s trousers over the seashore.  Ramsgate cliffs glistened under the sun, a good sign for this old smudger.  It was a bit hairy driving the Ancient Highway towards Restharrow from Deal.  The flooding had caused many potholes to appear. Or rather, not to appear as they were filled in with water!  Oy Vey.  There was a lot of dodging about, driving that countryside thoroughfare, avoiding the dreaded potholes.  Geronimo (my cherry hog* Kaskai) didn’t mind though as he’d been left at home the last couple of trips as the governor was in residence (Mrs deQ). When she’s at home he won’t leave her side, so poor old deQ gets the Spanish Archer*. I think he was pleased to be out and about as he raced up the path to the hide.  Inside the hide he’s as good as gold, sitting by my side as quiet as a mouse.  Mind you, there is one birder he’s not fond of and he’ll give a little growl. Can’t think why as the birder’s a nice chap! Perhaps he recognises him from a previous life? de Q, stop talking bollo.  Kaskai did brighten up when my pal Duncan arrived, leaving my side to park up against Mr D.  It wasn’t long before the clouds cast their darkened cloak across the waters of the scrape (Ooooer missus,that was very Wordworth innit)  I was intrigued by a lonely starling male who fiddled about between the numerous  ducks who occupied the small island directly in front of the hide. Now and again a mallard would give him a nip, but he still whizzed in and out of the ducks picking stuff out of the wet grass? I’m sorry I can’t show you a Spoonbill Sandpiper or Glossy Ibis because there was nada about, so please accept a smudge of the cheeky starling. x deQ

*cherry hog = dog       Spanish Archer = elbow


Archibald Knox

Yo Doods   I trust you’ve all had a merry Crimbo.  I did visit Restharrow Scrape this morning but it was a little bit lugubrious , what with the heavy rain and gusting wind. Faarsands of Lady Lucks on the water.  Despite the inclement weather a hot cup of Chantelle Joffe at Bomber Command put things right. Mind you, the news that a glossy ibis had been sighted above HQ earlier was a bit disconcerting, Not that I’m ‘atwitching’, but would  liked to have managed a smudge.  Due to the lack of Richard the Third’s, here’s an Archibald Knox* I took previously.  The little rascal, as bold as brass, sauntered in front of the hide without a care in the world, looking for easy pickings on the scrape. Sensibly, all the wuzzoes had moved onto the water.  I wish you all a Happy New Howsyerfather   x JdeQ

*Archibald Knox = fox