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View from the Uncle Gus

Yo peepsters  I decided on the Rubic Cube and Uncle Gus for my sojourn to the wetlands this morning. There was a bit of ice and slush on the frog and toad so didn’t fancy kippering it! Good job I ‘bussed it’ today, it looks like the bus drivers are going on strike in London tomorrow. Despite the freezy coldy the current bun had got his hat on and it was very pleasant. I even managed a shot (on my iPhone) from the bus (sorry about the dirty windows) of the River Thames as I crossed Hammersmith Bridge

Hammersmith Bridge

Arriving at Barnes WWT I took another shot of the mandarin drake who looks much sleeker than my last post because he’d just swum up from beneath the Neptune’s daughter

mandarin Drake

My favourite wuzzoe, the comb drake or knob-billed duck if you prefer, was doing the okey kokey to impress the ladies. I loved the iridescent sheen on his wings

comb drake

My next stop was the pool with the screamers in, although it was a bit  ‘taters in the mould’ for them to be too vociferous

southern crested screamer

The rest of the morning I spent doing headshots for my portrait gallery. For your delectation I include a spot-billed duck, a pretty mandarin duck and a very elegant black swan peering round his partner’s Gregory Peck!

spot-billed duckmandarin duckblack swans

Until the next time machachas     xx  i Jedi de Quack


A Moire Silk morning

Hi Peeps    Things didn’t look good Monday night as I hunkered down in bed with the wind and rain howling up Pond Place, Chelsea. The old windowpanes were rattling and Frankie Laine battered against the Aristotle.  “Oooer missus”, it was still gloomy the next morning and I didn’t fancy ‘birding it’.  Nevertheless I girdled my loincloths and ventured fifth towards Hammersmith Bridge underpass and crossed the Thames towards the Wetlands.  Well, would you Adam & Doris it, as I parked the kipper the old current bun put his hat on and the lugubrious carpet of gloom and doom pulled back to reveal a bright blue apple pie! Brilliant, you know I love that sunshine on Neptune’s daughter which results in a moire silk background for my wuzzoes.  My first two photo’s were of Mr & Mrs Whiteface ducks whizzing about enjoying the sunshine

whiteface drakewhiteface duck

In the same pool a ferruginous drake was also whizzing and showing off to the ladies. It seems like Spring has come early (try telling that to people in the North of England & Scotland suffering blizzards).

ferruginous drake

My next bird smudge was of a puna teal sunning itself (him/her?) and doing the Okey Kokey

puna teal

My last (but not least) are two drakes who really dazzle with their iridescent feathers which are really glorious when the sun shines. My old favourite the handsome comb drake and the fabulous falcated drake

comb drakefalcated drake

To finish off a splendid morning at the WWT I post for your delectation a headshot (destined for my portrait gallery) of a gorgeous Northern Pintail drake who could grace any fashion magazine cover with this pose. I must confess, I’m really ‘chuffed’ with this smudge. All in all, a good day’s birding


hasta la pasta doodsters    xx  i Jedi de Quack

Whole lotta stretching going on

Yo Peepsters   Well my drears, after the last few days deluge of Frankie it was a relief to see the old current put his titfer on, innit. As the visability was so good I decided to take the heavier Wedgwood’s which necessitated driving the kipper to the Wetlands. Don’t forget, I need a tripod and gimble to support the lens which is a bit of a faff on the old Rubic Cube..  All boded well until I crossed Hammersmith Bridge. For some reason Castelnau Road in Barnes was closed off so Yours T had to divert along the Thames on a roundabout route to the WWT.  Actually, I quite enjoyed taking a new route and sightseeing along the river bank. In fact when I left the reserve the road was still closed so I decided to drive over Putney Common towards Putney Bridge (which thankfully is now operating again)  Sorry doods, I’m digressing (as is my want, anno domini innit) I had a delightful morn perambulating the paths and pools of the Wetlands and managed smudges of wuzzoes doing the okey kokey, splashing and stretching which I enclose for your delectation

comb drakeDSC_8367

DSC_8458pink footed goose

You will notice that the juvenile Monty Don has a rather unpleasant dent in its Gregory Peck. I do believe his dad had ‘turfed’ him out as he had outstayed his welcome. The cob and biro (pen – courtesy Del Boy) were in an adjoining pool and didn’t want the youngster on the premises. The other stretchers are my old favourite the comb drake, magpie goose and a pink footed goose.  On my perambulations I also took a few ‘portraits’  I was particularly pleased with the plumed whistling duck who could easily be a contender for a Vogue cover.

plumed whistling duck

The other two posers are a spot billed duck and a white headed drake

spot billed duckwhite headed drake

bye bye chaps/chapettes           until the next time    remember you’re a womble      x  i Jedi d’kwack

Shank’s Pony (and the birds too)

Yo peeps   Astonishingly, despite Frankie Laine all night long, the old current was out in force with bright blue apple pies from 9 onwards!  I decided to go Shank’s so left the kipper at the kerb as I strolled to South Kenneth Williams and the Rubic Cube.  Hopped on the Uncle Gus at Hammersmith and travelled to the Wetlands. The Thames was beautiful with the sun shining across the mudflats as the tide was out as I crossed Hammersmith Bridge.  Keeping to the theme of walking (Shank’s Pony) here’s three wuzzoes taking perambulation around their enclosures (not the moorhen though, as they please themselves where they visit)

mandarin drakeplumed whistling duckmoorhen

Because of the magnificent light this morning I was able to indulge in my water effect smudges. Incidentally, if you double click on them you’ll find more detail for your delectation.

ring-necked teal Ffalcated drake

black-bellied whistling duckAmerican wood ducks

Until the next time, I remain your left and my right        x  i Jedi de Quackerbarrel

Juvenile Jackdaw Jackanapes

Yo Doods  Despite the inclement weather yesterday I had a good visit with Lord Garibaldi Biscotto Moffinski to the WWT Barnes.  I thought the ice cream cart in the courtyard was a bit optimistic.

WWT Ice cream

I left the kipper at home and travelled by the Uncle Gus and Rubic.  The frog and toad leading to Hammersmith Bridge gets very spiteful, whereas the Uncle Gus just whizzes down the bus lane. Brill. I must confess to getting a little thrill whizzing past the long line of kippers caught up in the traffic jam. It could have been me, innit.  I was pleased with my morning’s work and captured a few head shots for my portrait archive (which I’ll eventually exhibit). I managed a smudge of a saucy Ringed Teal who was having a flap. I shot it so you couldn’t see the clipped primaries of one wing which I think makes a nice ‘action shot’?

ringed teal

After perambulating the bucolic byways of Barnesville, Lord Moffo and Yours T took beverages at the waterside cafe’. Well my drears, would you Adam & Sophie Tucker it, a cheeky jackdaw juvenile hopped onto our table looking for a handout. Perhaps it’s the same one I’ve been smudging over the last couple of weeks? His feathers are growing thicker now and he doesn’t look like a toosh of the androgenic alopecia business.  He was joined a couple of minutes later by his dad (well that’s what I would like to think)  His pater was a rather handsome fellow and I was able to get a very close headshot of the old rascal for my archive. It was quite disconcerting when just as I was about to smudge the jackdaw about a metre from my Wedgewood Benn’s, a well meaning warden rushed over and shooshed it away thinking it was disturbing our victualising. 

jackdaw juv

jackdaw head 


hasta la pasta peeperooneys    x i Jah de Jedi