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Have you missed me?

Yo Peeps  Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, so here’s a few smudges for your delectation.  A Southern crested screamer, Coot baby, Falcated drake, Hooded merganser drake, Lesser white-fronted goose, Mandarin drake, Northern pintail drake and a Smew drake  I’ll post a few more tomorrow.  tooty frooty i Jedi de Quack

screamer coot falcated drake hooded merganser lesser white-fronted goose mandarin drake northern pintail smew drake


Sir Peter checking my equipment!

Yo Peepsters  Despite the overcast weather I drove to the Wetlands for a morning of smudge.  Because of the low visibility I took the large glass Wedgwood Benn’s. Here’s a picture of Sir Peter Scott checking my lens for suitability

Sir Peter

Having been given the green light I sallied fifth and stopped by the wigeon pool.  I enclose a Barnaby of the wigeon drake who looked very handsome in his winter plumage.

wigeon drake

Carrying on regardless, I managed smudges of a red-crested pochard drake (a doppelgänger for David Bowie), a hooded merganser duck  and a  ferruginous drake.

red-crested pochardhooded merganserferruginous drake

I know I’ve posted an American wood drake before, but couldn’t resist leaving another portrait, he looked so gorgeous!

American wood drake

hasta la pasta doodsters   xx   i Jedi de Q


Yo Peeps     another Frankie Lainey day.  I must admit I stayed home at Quack Towers today except for an excursion to Waitrose to replenish victuals, then crossing the King’s Strada to Chelsea Library to re-stock up on Alexander McCall Smith’s wonderful shepherds crooks.  On my last visit to the Wetlands I did take a few portraits, so here for your delectation a bufflehead drake, hooded merganser duck, falcated drake and Laysan teal whose sex I’m not sure of.  Mind you, I was pleased to get close to this little rarity.    hasta la doodah peeps  xx i Jedi d’KwackKwack

bufflehead drakehooded merganser duck

falcated drakelaysan teal

Showing off, Stretching & Splashing

Hi peeps  Turned out nice again.  It was a little lugubrious when I arose this morning but after a cup of burnt toffee, bacon & eggs the world seemed a better place.  A little cloudy but not too dark for smudging.  I drove to Barnes as I had decided to take the big Wedgwood Benn’s which are better for light if the visibility’s a bit iffy.  Mind you, when I drove over Hammersmith Bridge the weather was brighter and I noticed the tide was out on the Thames. The Wetland reserve is on the banks of the River Thames between Putney and Hammersmith. A bittern was lurking somewhere on the reserve but I couldn’t see it. No worries, I enjoyed myself with my usual poodling around snapping the wuzzoes willy nilly. There was a lot of splashing about and okey kokying as if it was Spring? For your delectation I present to you a beautiful bufflehead, Chinese spot-billed duck, scaup drake, a mashugana red crested pochard drake (serious splasher), hooded merganser drake and a saucy lesser black-back gull.      hasta la pasta doods      x  i Jedi de Quack, Earl of Mustard and surrounding condiments

bufflehead drake

spot billed duckscaup drakehooded merganser drake

red crested pochard drakelesser black-backed gull

Face Off

Yo Peeps   Sorry, haven’t been bloggin’ for a couple of days as my computer has been playing up. I upgraded my Mac to the new Yosemite system.  Oooer Mavis, what a mistake. I can’t be told. It cocked up my stuff for days. Despite cursing, crying and thumpin’ the fluffing thing I couldn’t bring up my bloggysite.  Funnily enough, after a trip to Heathrow to pick up my daughter Daisy then taking her to Kent where I stayed overnight, on my return my Maceroon seems to be firing on all cylinders again! Perhaps the dear thing needed a rest? Anyways peeps I’ll leave you with a few headshots taken Saturday at Barnes WWT. Incidentally, as I was leaving the reserve I spotted (and smudged) a strange looking magpie having a barney with a tough old pigeon over the grub in the domestic lady lucks little pond. The smudge of the Indian running duck was taken as he (her?) was disdainfully looking down a rather impressive proboscis at the two arguing scavengers!    as always, with kindest rhubarbs    x i Jedi d’Kwack

falcated drakebarnaclehooded mergansermandarinindian runnermagpie

Bird Paintings

Yo peeps  The weather’s been so foul for fowl the last couple of days, I’ve stayed home and done a few chores.  As I’m unable to furnish you with smudges of oiseaux, here’s a few of my paintings for your delectation.  as always, with kindest rhubarbs    x i Jedi de Quack, Earl of Mustard & surrounding condiments


hooded-meganser 2

canada goose 3


Cape Teal

Phoenicopterus Portraiture

Yo Baraterooneys  Had chores to do this glorious morning so didn’t go Richard the Thirding, so I’ve posted a few bird portraits taken the last week at Barnes WWT.  Not the flamingo though,  I smudged the elongated Gregory Peck’d ‘Tangoed’ wuzzoe at Slimbridge WWT a little while ago on a visit with Lord Moffo who at the mo’ is in Hungryland chasing  lepidoptera.  Hasta la pasta machacharooneys x i Jedi d’Quackmandoo





bufflehead  drake


bufflehead   male



hooded merganser  F


hooded merganser   female


black swan


black swan