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Showing off, Stretching & Splashing

Hi peeps  Turned out nice again.  It was a little lugubrious when I arose this morning but after a cup of burnt toffee, bacon & eggs the world seemed a better place.  A little cloudy but not too dark for smudging.  I drove to Barnes as I had decided to take the big Wedgwood Benn’s which are better for light if the visibility’s a bit iffy.  Mind you, when I drove over Hammersmith Bridge the weather was brighter and I noticed the tide was out on the Thames. The Wetland reserve is on the banks of the River Thames between Putney and Hammersmith. A bittern was lurking somewhere on the reserve but I couldn’t see it. No worries, I enjoyed myself with my usual poodling around snapping the wuzzoes willy nilly. There was a lot of splashing about and okey kokying as if it was Spring? For your delectation I present to you a beautiful bufflehead, Chinese spot-billed duck, scaup drake, a mashugana red crested pochard drake (serious splasher), hooded merganser drake and a saucy lesser black-back gull.      hasta la pasta doods      x  i Jedi de Quack, Earl of Mustard and surrounding condiments

bufflehead drake

spot billed duckscaup drakehooded merganser drake

red crested pochard drakelesser black-backed gull


Geese, Gull and gorgeous Friar Tuck

Yo doodsters     It was a rather lugubrious start this morning.  I’d run out of builders Rosy Lee bags and had to to with memsahib’s fennel with my egg & bacon. Through pouring Calamity Jane I drove Melanie Estelle to Deal Station for the start of her journey back to Abergavenny. Still, we had a lovely visit. Kaibosh was probably even sadder as M.E used to take him for long ball & chalks along the seafront (stopping at the Green Berry where cherries are welcome).  The path leading up to the hide was alive to the sound of chirruping warblers, but no sign of Julie Andrew’s though.  The light wasn’t too clever at Restharrow Cabernet and I wasn’t too chuffed to hear that I’d just missed 2 spotted redshanks who had settled for a couple of minutes in front of the Jeckle!  Despite the inclement imitation leather I managed a smudge of a couple of greylags showing off rotten on the small island facing the Jeckle as well as a whizzing Sir Francis Drake mallard. Incidentally, yesterday I promised a lesser black-backed gull and didn’t deliver (because I’d already posted 3 wuzzoes) so here’s today’s Barnaby Rudge  There were a couple of yellow wagtails as well as pied flitting about, but they were too far off to get a respectable smudgerooney.                toot a lorry compadres     x i jedi de Quack



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