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Have you missed me?

Yo Peeps  Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, so here’s a few smudges for your delectation.  A Southern crested screamer, Coot baby, Falcated drake, Hooded merganser drake, Lesser white-fronted goose, Mandarin drake, Northern pintail drake and a Smew drake  I’ll post a few more tomorrow.  tooty frooty i Jedi de Quack

screamer coot falcated drake hooded merganser lesser white-fronted goose mandarin drake northern pintail smew drake


lesser white fronted gooseberry

lesser white-fronted gooseKateVamp1


Yo peeps    Although I took the kipper to Barnes today I decided against the heavy Wedgwood’s.  Mind you, the Bigma has a long reach and the visibility boded well. Also I didn’t need to schlep the tripod and gimbleboy around the byways of the reserve which is a necessity when using the Nickelodeon wedgy. The old current did put his titfer on though and the wuzz were enjoying clement weather. Mind you, I think they’ll be a little upset in four nights time when the peeps of Barnes celebrate that rascal Guy’s shenanigans beneath the Houses of P!  My Barnaby Rudge’s today for your delectation are of wuzzoes doing the stretch.  I managed to ‘capture’ a Mrs Comb Duck, lesser white-fronted goosegog, cormorant and red-breasted googlerooney.   Hasta la pasta pals

x i Jedi de Quack

comb ducklesser white-fronted goose

cormorantred breasted goose

duck & divin’ for Duncandisorderly

Yo  Peeps  Surprisingly the weather is still holding good (don’t know what it’s holding on to?) I started my Barnes perambulation with a visit to the sawbill and buffleboys pool and was rewarded with a mashugana bufflehead drake whizzing around, up and undering like a dolphin. Lord Duncan of Deal would have been impressed. I managed to smudge him as he plunged.


My next stop was for a gathering gaggle of geese. A red breasted goose and a lesser white front

red breasted goosewhite fronted goose

Continuing the bucolic circuit I was happy to smudge a black bellied whistling duck

black bellied whistling duck

I finished of the smudging sojourn with a portrait of a very handsome falcated drake. It wasn’t easy as I had to wait for the right moment when he lifted his Uncle Ned from the Neptune’s daughter and caught the morning’s contrary current bun!

falcated drake

All in all a rewarding morning and a pleasant outing. I returned to Chelsea in the kipper as I had brought along the big Anthony Wedgwood benn’s which are too cumbersome for the Rubic Cube.    Hasta la Pasta chumsters   x I Jedi d’Quack

Here’s looking at you

You peeps It was a glorious morning yesterday when Lord Moffo and Yours T girdulated our loincloths and ventured fifth to Oare Marsh. Despite the sunshine a mist lay over the scrape. From our favourite spot by the side of the frog the current bun was facing us making it difficult to get a good smudge of the plentiful wuzzoes. I enclose a Barnaby of a collective group of wildfowl luxuriating in the morning sunshine. We returned quite early to Orchard Barn where a delicious lunch was prepared by the chatelaine, Lady Jan of Shaker Heights.
Oare Marsh
This morning, having returned to Chelsea, I took the Uncle Gus to Barnes and the Wetlands. Fortunately it was another beauteous morn and I was able to get a number of head shots for my oiseaux portrait archive. For your delectation I enclose smudgerooneys of a lesser white fronted goosegog, a white=winged duck and a ferruginous drake (although he was full body but facing forward posing as if for a magazine cover)
as always, with kindest rhubarbs x i Jah de Quack, Earl of Mustard
lesser white front
white-winged duck
ferruginous duck

Wuzzoe Portraiture

Hello Peeps    Trust you are all hunky doodah.  I thought I’d post a few of my bird portraits today, smudges I’ve taken at WWT Barnes over the last couple of days. Hasta la vista hipsters  X i Jedi d’Kwackkwack

Chinese yellow-tip duck

Chinese spot billed duck

lesser white-fronted goose

lesser white-fronted goose

plumed whistling duck

plumed whistling duck

radjah shelduck

radjah shelduck

red-breasted goose

red-breasted goose


Hawaiian Goose