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Blue winged goose

Yo Peeps   No birding today, so here’s a few of my paintings in recompense. First an avocet, then a magpie



Followed by a blue-winged goose and a Hawaiian goose

blue-winged goose 3

nene goose

Hopefully I’ll be birding tomorrow     ta ta   xxxx  i Jedi de Q


Face Off

Yo Peeps   Sorry, haven’t been bloggin’ for a couple of days as my computer has been playing up. I upgraded my Mac to the new Yosemite system.  Oooer Mavis, what a mistake. I can’t be told. It cocked up my stuff for days. Despite cursing, crying and thumpin’ the fluffing thing I couldn’t bring up my bloggysite.  Funnily enough, after a trip to Heathrow to pick up my daughter Daisy then taking her to Kent where I stayed overnight, on my return my Maceroon seems to be firing on all cylinders again! Perhaps the dear thing needed a rest? Anyways peeps I’ll leave you with a few headshots taken Saturday at Barnes WWT. Incidentally, as I was leaving the reserve I spotted (and smudged) a strange looking magpie having a barney with a tough old pigeon over the grub in the domestic lady lucks little pond. The smudge of the Indian running duck was taken as he (her?) was disdainfully looking down a rather impressive proboscis at the two arguing scavengers!    as always, with kindest rhubarbs    x i Jedi d’Kwack

falcated drakebarnaclehooded mergansermandarinindian runnermagpie

Bewick’s bathing

Yo Doods   As it looked overcast this morning (and dire weather warnings on the news channels) I decided on taking the kipper to Barnes this morning. That meant I could take the big boy Wedgewood Benn’s that necessitates a tripod and gimble which is not conducive to Rubic Cube travel.  As it happened, although a little bit Harry & Billy the old current bun did come out and it was a very pleasant morning with good light.  I was very taken with the two resident Bewick’s swans who were having a great time splashing about and generally showing off rotten. I enclose a smudge of the Monty Don’s for your delectation. I was pleased to see the juv magpie’s feathers are growing and he’s looking more like a wuzzoe  rather than something out of the Muppets show. I also enclose a Barnaby Rudge showing his resplendent tail feathers.  A couple of saucy Egyptian geese flew in, they know free grub when they see it!  I was able to do a portrait of one of these birdies for my portrait collection. As I was leaving the reserve a family of mute Monty Don’s waddled past, mum, dad & saucepan lids!

hasta la pasta machacharooneys    x  i Jedi d’Kwack

Bewick's swans


Egyptian goose


Where’s Bertha?

Yo Doodsters After yesterday’s traffic jam nightmare I took to Shank’s Pony this morning for my journey to the wetlands (Barnes WWT). Left the kipper at the kerb and Rubic Cubed it, then Uncle Gus to my destination. I was a bit apprehensive about the threat of Hurricane Bertha’s aftermath which threatened heavy Frankie Laine and serious Mork & Mindy, but it was quite pleasant. As I wasn’t driving I travelled lightly and left the heavy Wedgewood Benn’s and gimble back at the ranch. Mind you, my Sigma 50 -500 mm does the business with a full sensor camera and I was pleased with the results. I managed to Barnaby Rudge a Pink footed goose, a Chinese spot billed duck and a pretty young ringed teal lady. I also noticed a rascally young magpie lurking around the exotics food. I wasn’t sure if it was a juv or had alopecia? Hasta la doodah x i Jedi Dr Quack
pink legged goose
Chinese spot-billed duck
ringed teal