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The boys are back in town

Yo doods  haven’t posted for a while, so here’s a few smudges for your delectation  A Bewick’s swan doing the okey kokey, a bufflehead drake having a good look around and showing off to the ladies. A gorgeous lady mallard stretching her wings. A baby duckling recently hatched and testing the water.A beautiful (mind you, to me they are all beautiful) Northern Pintail duck. A red-crested Pochard drake. The same oiseaux also showing off to the ladies. Finally, a tufted drake having a giraffe  I promise I’ll post again shortly   xx i Jedi de Q

Bewick's swan bufflehead drake mallard duck mallard duckling pintail duck red crested pochard red-crested pochard tufted drake


Cold & frosty morn

Yo peeps It was rather bleak this morning as I peered out of my box and looked along Pond Place.  Nevertheless, a strong cup of Palm Toffee set me up for a jolly birding outing. As it was a bit slippy with ice on the frog I decided to leave the kipper at the kerb and take the Rubic Cube and Uncle Gus for a Wetland’s sojourn.  And it was delightful. Great fun watching the coots slipping and a sliding on the ice as well as a carrion crow

cootcarrion crow

I managed smudges of a Carolina drake (American wood duck) doing the Okey Kokey as well as a handsome ferruginous drake posing by the water’s edge

Carolinaferruginous duck

The light became better as the morning moved on and I was pleased to indulge in my penchant for bird headshot portraits destined for my Portrait Archive. For your delectation I give you a gorgeous mallard duck (I luvs ’em)   A fulvous whistling duck, a Mandarin drake and a canvasback drake


fulvous whistling duck

Mandarin drake

canvasback drake

All in all, a very satisfying morning. As I left the reserve the old current bun still had his hat on despite the freezy coldy.

‘Til the next time, tooty frooty xx i Jedi de Q

more portraits

yo peeps    Here’s three more portraits taken yesterday at the wetlands (Barnes) for my oiseaux gallery.  My old favourite, the comb drake, a mashugana red crested pochard drake and a gorgeous mallard duck.     hasta la wotsits peeperooneys  x  i Jedi, Earl de Moutard

comb drake

red crested pochard drake

mallard duck

a brief encounter

Yo Doods I had a clinical appointment this morning so could only do a flying visit to the Cabernet. The Tonton Macouts are changing overnight, so here’s this morning’s study of the little beauty. There was a strange looking shoveler drake on the Neptune’s, so I’ve included for your thoughts? Juv or eclipse, or oddity? Mrs Mallard was parading her ducklings around so here’s a smudgerooney of one of the little darlings. Before I left (in a hurry) an emperor dragonfly whizzed past and I managed a Barnaby of it whizzing for your delectation hasta la pasta machachas x i Jedi de Quack
shoveler drake

What a gay garganey day

Yo Peeps   Had an enjoyable morning at Restharrow Scrape despite dearth of duck. The number of lady lucks are whittling down, but I knew a garganey drake was lurking. Sure enough, Bernie spotted him beneath the sparrow hawk tree. We had been looking for snipe and Bernie had used his scope to see if we had missed any snipe hiding amongst the reeds (which they do brilliantly) Suddenly, where we had thought a pair of teal slept amongst the reeds, the drake lifted his head and revealed himself as a gorgeous garganey. Better still he flew across the scrape and settled in the water close to the hide. It only goes to show that it’s always worth a wait as something good can turn up. Bernie and I were rapidly shooting like two rifleman at the Battle of the Somme! Many a time a birder (usually a smudger) has come into the hide, looked around the scrape and muttered under his breath something about ‘watching paint dry’!  Silly Billies, even the commonest and abundant of wuzzoes are a delight. Take the mallard, common as muck, but what pulchritudinous anatidae those little darlings are. If the sun’s out I always try to get a smudge of the light hitting the iridescent Gregory Peck of the Sir Francis. In fact, one of my favourite Richard the Third’s is the mallard duck.  I’ve seen a mallard duck sort out a cob mute who had come too close to her babies! Close up, their markings are a joy to behold. I’ll enclose a smudge of a drake mallard I took when the current put his hat on during the last few days of sunshine. And of course a Barnaby Rudge of the garganey flying across the scrape and swimming in front of the hide.  T T F N      x i jah de Q