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Have you missed me?

Yo Peeps  Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, so here’s a few smudges for your delectation.  A Southern crested screamer, Coot baby, Falcated drake, Hooded merganser drake, Lesser white-fronted goose, Mandarin drake, Northern pintail drake and a Smew drake  I’ll post a few more tomorrow.  tooty frooty i Jedi de Quack

screamer coot falcated drake hooded merganser lesser white-fronted goose mandarin drake northern pintail smew drake


View from the Uncle Gus

Yo peepsters  I decided on the Rubic Cube and Uncle Gus for my sojourn to the wetlands this morning. There was a bit of ice and slush on the frog and toad so didn’t fancy kippering it! Good job I ‘bussed it’ today, it looks like the bus drivers are going on strike in London tomorrow. Despite the freezy coldy the current bun had got his hat on and it was very pleasant. I even managed a shot (on my iPhone) from the bus (sorry about the dirty windows) of the River Thames as I crossed Hammersmith Bridge

Hammersmith Bridge

Arriving at Barnes WWT I took another shot of the mandarin drake who looks much sleeker than my last post because he’d just swum up from beneath the Neptune’s daughter

mandarin Drake

My favourite wuzzoe, the comb drake or knob-billed duck if you prefer, was doing the okey kokey to impress the ladies. I loved the iridescent sheen on his wings

comb drake

My next stop was the pool with the screamers in, although it was a bit  ‘taters in the mould’ for them to be too vociferous

southern crested screamer

The rest of the morning I spent doing headshots for my portrait gallery. For your delectation I include a spot-billed duck, a pretty mandarin duck and a very elegant black swan peering round his partner’s Gregory Peck!

spot-billed duckmandarin duckblack swans

Until the next time machachas     xx  i Jedi de Quack

slipping & sliding, groovin’ and gliding

Hi peepsters   Had a jolly morning yesterday despite it being a bit Harry & Billy. I drove to the Wetland’s where I was joined by his nibs, Lord Moffo of Twickershire. There was a lot of ice on the water but the current bun was shining, which made for good photography. It was amusing to watch this coot slipping across a pond, but those big old plates of meat are up for the task!


First port of call was the smew pond where I captured this handsome smew drake posing for the ladies (look at that Tony Curtis quiff)

smew drake

Moving on to the next strip of water I ‘smudged’ a handsome canvasback drake ‘giving it plenty’ He looks like he’s doing that ‘deckchair song!

canvasback drake

The next photograph is of a red-crested pochard having a jolly good stretch. In the same pond was a ferruginous drake balancing on the ice and enjoying the sunshine. Bless!

red-crested pochardferruginous drake

My last shot is of this mandarin drake enjoying the morning sun. I know I post a lot of smudges of this flamboyant lady luck, but who can resist when they look this gorgeous?

mandarin drake

Until the next time my friends    tooty frooty  xx i Jedi de Quack

One headshot, one poser and 3 doobleys

Yo Peeps    As the weather was quite pleasant this morning I left the kipper at the kerb again and Shank’s mule’d it to South Ken Williams station for the Rubic. There was a problem with the District Line so I escalated down into the bowels of the station to the Piccadilly Line which fortunately also goes to Hammersmithsonian.  There was a lot of sirens and similar cacaphonic perturbations which made me wonder if there was something unpleasant going on, but the trusty old duck Uncle Gus (283) turned up safely taking Yours T to the delights of the Wetland bird reserve.  I was pleased to get another portrait smudge of a Laysan teal rarity which shares a pond with the Hawaiian geese which I present for your delectation. I’m not sure which is the Arthur and which is the Martha if you look at the last Laysan teal I posted yesterday (Portraiture)  I have a feeling today’s wuzzoe is the drake?

laysan teal

At another pool I noticed a mandarin drake striking a rather fetching glamour pose which I hereby present to my discerning blogpeeps (spellcheck tried to make that BLOWPIPES)

mandarin drake

On further bucolic perambulated meanderings I took dooblay smudges of American wood drakes, pink-footed geese and pintails.    Hasta la pasta blowpipes    x    i Jedi Dr Quack

wood drakespink footed geesepintails

Lovely deuce & aces*

Yo peeps   It’s more chores today (you know it makes sense) so I’m furnishing you (not in the John Lewis way) with portraits of wuzzoes taken during the last couple of visits to the Wetlands (Barnes WWT).  It helps if you double click on a picture to get more detail.

pintailwhite-winged duck

mandarin drakeradjah shelduck

falcated drakecomb drake


Hasta la pasta peepsters    xx    i Jah de Quack

* deuce & aces = faces

Shank’s Pony (and the birds too)

Yo peeps   Astonishingly, despite Frankie Laine all night long, the old current was out in force with bright blue apple pies from 9 onwards!  I decided to go Shank’s so left the kipper at the kerb as I strolled to South Kenneth Williams and the Rubic Cube.  Hopped on the Uncle Gus at Hammersmith and travelled to the Wetlands. The Thames was beautiful with the sun shining across the mudflats as the tide was out as I crossed Hammersmith Bridge.  Keeping to the theme of walking (Shank’s Pony) here’s three wuzzoes taking perambulation around their enclosures (not the moorhen though, as they please themselves where they visit)

mandarin drakeplumed whistling duckmoorhen

Because of the magnificent light this morning I was able to indulge in my water effect smudges. Incidentally, if you double click on them you’ll find more detail for your delectation.

ring-necked teal Ffalcated drake

black-bellied whistling duckAmerican wood ducks

Until the next time, I remain your left and my right        x  i Jedi de Quackerbarrel

Face Off

Yo Peeps   Sorry, haven’t been bloggin’ for a couple of days as my computer has been playing up. I upgraded my Mac to the new Yosemite system.  Oooer Mavis, what a mistake. I can’t be told. It cocked up my stuff for days. Despite cursing, crying and thumpin’ the fluffing thing I couldn’t bring up my bloggysite.  Funnily enough, after a trip to Heathrow to pick up my daughter Daisy then taking her to Kent where I stayed overnight, on my return my Maceroon seems to be firing on all cylinders again! Perhaps the dear thing needed a rest? Anyways peeps I’ll leave you with a few headshots taken Saturday at Barnes WWT. Incidentally, as I was leaving the reserve I spotted (and smudged) a strange looking magpie having a barney with a tough old pigeon over the grub in the domestic lady lucks little pond. The smudge of the Indian running duck was taken as he (her?) was disdainfully looking down a rather impressive proboscis at the two arguing scavengers!    as always, with kindest rhubarbs    x i Jedi d’Kwack

falcated drakebarnaclehooded mergansermandarinindian runnermagpie