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Grey Evita Peron and Lillian Gish

Yo Doodlebugs   Shank’s again this morn, and off to Barnes wetlands.  Rubic and Uncle.  The weather is still holding good and the old current was laying a few Johnny Ray’s on the boulevards de Barnes. My first smudge was a rather nice black-bellied whistling duck minding his own business despite an influx of bad mannered mallard drakes trying to nick the whistlers tucker.

black-bellied whistling duck

I was pleased to see a trio of mandarin drakes had turned up and i furnish you with a Barnaby of one handsome devil.

mandarin drake

Now peeps, for a long while I’ve been after a smudgerooney of the elusive great-crested grebe, but I captured him from the wildlife hide when he ventured close to where I was waiting (holding my breath and hoping no saucepan lids would come running noisily in). In fact I was so chuffed I also smudged a headshot for my Rogues Gallery

great-crested grebe

Gt crested greb

Actually playmates, it was rather a fruitful morning. As I was leaving (and anticipating a Fat Boy of Peckham hot chocolate at the riverside restaurant) I noticed a couple of peeps peering into the side of a pool where  long reeds swayed. Lo and behold Mr Pickwick, there was a sneaky grey Evita Peron lurking surreptitiously in the foliage.  He suddenly lunged and came up with a large Lillian Gish in its Gormenghastly Mervyn Peake. And here’s the evidence M’Lord.

grey heron

Oh wot larks Pip, until domani peepsters I bid you adieu   x  i Jah de Kwackers