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Wetlands Wonderland

Yo peeps   Haven’t posted for a while, so here’s a little group of smudges I took at Barnes Wetlands one morning this week. I was in and out like a fiddler’s elbow. In at 9.30 opening time, crash bash sausage and mash, smudges taken.  By ten to eleven I was sitting down in the waterside restaurant having a cup of Rosy and a slice of Sexton Blake before returning to Chelsea.  Method in madness, special deal, only 3 sovs (£3) before 11 0’clock. The Danish pastry is a bit tasty. Sorry I digress.  First port of call was the pool where the smews reside alongside the goldeneyes.  Here’s a Barnaby Rudge of the two drakes doing the okeykokey (posturing for the ladies)

smew drakegoldeneye drake

In another of the pools a marbled teal drake was also ‘giving it plenty’. It’s the first time I’ve been able to identify the male. The crest at the back helped!

marbled teal drake

The little buffleheads looked gorgeous in their courting plumage. I enclose a photograph of mum & dad

bufflehead duckbufflehead drake

In the same pool as the buffleheads was this splendid American wood drake. I know I post a lot of smudges of the Carolina but who could resist this handsome devil?

American wood drake

I thought a quick snap of a Southern Crested Screamer would be allowed (I also post them a lot!) as he was doing a stretch in the morning sunshine.

southern crested screamer

My last port of call on my perambulations of the wetland pathways and pools was the Wildside Hide where I was delighted to capture this little grebe stretching his wings

little grebe

Before I bid you adieu, I must leave you with Mr Angry of Tunbridge Wells who was giving me the evil eye

tufted drake

That was a tufted drake.  TTFN   xx i Jedi de Quack


The Sun has got his hat on!

Yo peepsters   Well my drears, after three days of horrid Frankie Laine the current put his titfer on and came out to play. I think the wuzzoes were pleased to see me after three days of lugubrious, Harry & Billy* weather. The great crested grebe who I managed to smudge the other day (hanging from a tree) actually came swimming towards me and posed for a smudgerooney. I know I showed a portrait recently but here’s another, so there! Even the comb duck drake seemed pleased to see Yours T and let out a loud squark which I managed to capture for your delectation.  The marbled teals were going nutty in the bright sunshine and this particular birdy came flying towards me splashing and splodging. Mind you he probably thought I was bringing some rubber dub dub**? Even a cormorant was behaving in a peculiar manner and I managed a Barnaby Rudge as he hopped and bopped about on a small island over on the wild side of the reserve      hasta la doodah chaps  x  Sir J de Quack, Knight of the Garter and Suspended Stocking



Gt crested grebeDSC_8477marbled tealcormorant

Marbled Teal losing his marbles

Hello Mateys   It was very muggy when I arose this morning so decided to let the train take the strain!  Leaving the kipper at home I took Shank’s Pony up the frog to South Ken and jumped on a Rubic’s Cube to Hammersmith.  What a treat, the old Uncle Gus was waiting to take me straight to the Wetlands, and you could tell it was my bus by the lady lucks decorating the sides.

duck bus

On arrival I couldn’t help myself but had to do another portrait of a Bewick’s Monty Don who was posing close to the entrance. I know I’ve shown a Bewick’s before but I luvs ’em. I shot the Monty as if I was ‘doing’ a Vogue cover.

Bewick's swan

Another treat was the outrageous magpie geese. I enclose a smudgerooney for your delectation. Carrying on my perambulation around the winding paths of the reserve I came upon a marbled teal whizzing up and down and around a small scrape. I felt sorry for the little bird as I noticed one wing had been clipped when he tried to fly off. You can see the missing primaries in the Barnaby i took. I carried on to the Peacock hide and noticed an unusual large number of Canada geese.  Apparently they had been gathering in a field close to the reserve, but today was a children’s sport thingy so they had sensible removed to the safety of the WWT! Here’s a picture of the old mother’s.   Ta ta for now   x  i Jah de Quack

magpie goose

marbled teal

canada geese