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Whole lotta stretching going on

Yo Peepsters   Well my drears, after the last few days deluge of Frankie it was a relief to see the old current put his titfer on, innit. As the visability was so good I decided to take the heavier Wedgwood’s which necessitated driving the kipper to the Wetlands. Don’t forget, I need a tripod and gimble to support the lens which is a bit of a faff on the old Rubic Cube..  All boded well until I crossed Hammersmith Bridge. For some reason Castelnau Road in Barnes was closed off so Yours T had to divert along the Thames on a roundabout route to the WWT.  Actually, I quite enjoyed taking a new route and sightseeing along the river bank. In fact when I left the reserve the road was still closed so I decided to drive over Putney Common towards Putney Bridge (which thankfully is now operating again)  Sorry doods, I’m digressing (as is my want, anno domini innit) I had a delightful morn perambulating the paths and pools of the Wetlands and managed smudges of wuzzoes doing the okey kokey, splashing and stretching which I enclose for your delectation

comb drakeDSC_8367

DSC_8458pink footed goose

You will notice that the juvenile Monty Don has a rather unpleasant dent in its Gregory Peck. I do believe his dad had ‘turfed’ him out as he had outstayed his welcome. The cob and biro (pen – courtesy Del Boy) were in an adjoining pool and didn’t want the youngster on the premises. The other stretchers are my old favourite the comb drake, magpie goose and a pink footed goose.  On my perambulations I also took a few ‘portraits’  I was particularly pleased with the plumed whistling duck who could easily be a contender for a Vogue cover.

plumed whistling duck

The other two posers are a spot billed duck and a white headed drake

spot billed duckwhite headed drake

bye bye chaps/chapettes           until the next time    remember you’re a womble      x  i Jedi d’kwack


Mute Swan juv

Yo Doods   I sat in the hide early this morning watching an empty scrape.  This told me that the peregrine had recently flown in to feed on his/her? kill.  The carcass of the grey lag had diminished  since I saw it yesterday.  Gradually the birds began to return to the scrape.  The few birds that had returned suddenly took off again. Was it my peregrine?  No it was not Doris, it was the Conservationists coming in to do their Monday morning ‘howsyerfather’. Fortunately my friend Mr Mclean (Duncan) entered the hide. Spotting the conservationists and the lack of birds he suggested we take ourselves to NewDowns reservoir which was part of the Sandwich Bay reserve.  Good thinking Batman. It was a glorious morning, so a long ball & chalk (walk) would do me good.  We were rewarded with 75 tufties on the reservoir (oh yes, Duncan keeps an accurate log) and numerous birds flying in and out of the tall trees that stood as windbreaks for the farmer’s land.  Jays, tits, pipits and wagtails were a plenty.  No rarities, but I’m just happy looking at wuzzoes* whizzing about. I did manage to smudge a mute swan juvenile that flew into the scrape before the conservationists arrived which I’ll insert for your delectation    x   hasta la pasta, de Q,  Earl of Mustard

*wuzzoes = oiseaux (c’est Francais, innit)