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Bewick’s bathing

Yo Doods   As it looked overcast this morning (and dire weather warnings on the news channels) I decided on taking the kipper to Barnes this morning. That meant I could take the big boy Wedgewood Benn’s that necessitates a tripod and gimble which is not conducive to Rubic Cube travel.  As it happened, although a little bit Harry & Billy the old current bun did come out and it was a very pleasant morning with good light.  I was very taken with the two resident Bewick’s swans who were having a great time splashing about and generally showing off rotten. I enclose a smudge of the Monty Don’s for your delectation. I was pleased to see the juv magpie’s feathers are growing and he’s looking more like a wuzzoe  rather than something out of the Muppets show. I also enclose a Barnaby Rudge showing his resplendent tail feathers.  A couple of saucy Egyptian geese flew in, they know free grub when they see it!  I was able to do a portrait of one of these birdies for my portrait collection. As I was leaving the reserve a family of mute Monty Don’s waddled past, mum, dad & saucepan lids!

hasta la pasta machacharooneys    x  i Jedi d’Kwack

Bewick's swans


Egyptian goose



Cranky Cob

Hi Doods   Had a great morning at Restharrow Scrape today. Most of the teal have left and only a few gadwalls, shovelers and mallards are still remaining, But the gorgeous garganey drake is still lurking in the reeds beneath the sparrow hawk willow.  The most excitement was when a mute swan cob took exception to a poor lonely greylag who deigned to land on his scrape. I enclose a couple of smudges of the cob ‘seeing him/her off’. The other highlight was the whizzing of two redshanks.  They couldn’t make up their minds and flew from bank to bank, intermittently stopping on the submerged pallet of the island closest to the hide. I’ve enclosed Barnaby Rudge of the redshank as well. Incidentally, the redshank looks like he’s leapfrogging the gadwalls and lapwing as it took off from the pallet!  From the hide I visited the SBBOT field centre with Duncan for a nice cup of Charlotte Joffe.  as always with kindest rhubarbs   x  i jah de Q





Yo to all the young dudes     Would you Adam & Trevor Eve it, I wished for an exotic on yesterday’s Phileus Fogg, when this morning as Duncan and Yours T arrived at the scrape, Alistair, who sat oggle scoping out of a hide window, pointed out that a spoonbill was flying over the scrape.  Duncan and Y’s T feverishly swung our lenses out of the hide windows and up into the bright blue sky. At first I thought it was a Little Egret, but sure enough it was a spoonbill on its way to Pegwell Bay (or thereabouts?) Nearly as good as a golden eagle (yesterday’s wish, but I’ll have to wait until Lady Q, cherry and I go to the Isle of Arran) It was a strange morning as only a little earlier I had been scraping the loaded dice off my kipper’s windscreen and now it was a clear blue apple pie! The morning got better when 2 mutes flew towards us and swept the last minute up and over the hide. For one moment I thought the large cob was going to join us in the hide!  A little while later a small flock of shelducks flew gracefully in and then started their usual bad tempered punch-up. They’re nearly as bad as the meshuguna coots. Anyways doods, here’s four Barnaby Rudge’s of the aforementioned wuzzoes    tooty patooty   x i jah de Q