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Yay, the Current’s got his titfer on

Hi Doods,  what a beautiful day it’s turned out. I drove to Barnes this morning for a morning’s smudging at the Wetlands. Blissy poo.  A clear blue apple pie with not a ‘Girls Aloud’ in sight. Even the wuzzoes were whizzing around, preening and displaying. I bet there’s going to be a lot of babies this coming Spring. I had to avert my mince pies at the little pool where the mandarin drakes were behaving outrageously.  For your delectation I’m posting a smudge of a goldeneye drake, a whizzing smew drake and a red crested pochard drake looking glorious in the morning sunshine



Here also is a southern crested screamer doing the Okey Kokey in the mid-day sun.


Now peeps, you know I love a portrait, so was happy to Barnaby Rudge headshots of a plumed whistling duck and a dainty Laysan teal.

DSC_0903Laysan teal

Hasta la pasta doods  xx   i Jedi de Kwak


“OOOOer Doris”, it’s all gone awful!

Yo peeps  It was hard getting out of the Uncle Ned this morning with the Frankie Laine bashing up against my windowpane. So doods I’ll have to lay down more from yesterday’s excursion to the Wetlands. I managed three portraits. A plumed whistling duck, pintail drake and an eider drake

plumed whistling duckpintail drakeeider drake

I know I smudge a lot of the the screamers (I luvs ’em) but who could resist these two posing as book ends?

southern crested screamers

I was happy to capture the puna teal and a very sharp looking scaup drake

puna tealscaup drake

On my perambulations around the reserve I was intrigued to see this strange looking hybrid mallard drake who had no trouble ‘seeing off’ the other mallard drakes when they came too close to him!

hybrid mallard drake

Tooty frooty  machachas, innit       x i Jedi de Quack

Whole lotta stretching going on

Yo Peepsters   Well my drears, after the last few days deluge of Frankie it was a relief to see the old current put his titfer on, innit. As the visability was so good I decided to take the heavier Wedgwood’s which necessitated driving the kipper to the Wetlands. Don’t forget, I need a tripod and gimble to support the lens which is a bit of a faff on the old Rubic Cube..  All boded well until I crossed Hammersmith Bridge. For some reason Castelnau Road in Barnes was closed off so Yours T had to divert along the Thames on a roundabout route to the WWT.  Actually, I quite enjoyed taking a new route and sightseeing along the river bank. In fact when I left the reserve the road was still closed so I decided to drive over Putney Common towards Putney Bridge (which thankfully is now operating again)  Sorry doods, I’m digressing (as is my want, anno domini innit) I had a delightful morn perambulating the paths and pools of the Wetlands and managed smudges of wuzzoes doing the okey kokey, splashing and stretching which I enclose for your delectation

comb drakeDSC_8367

DSC_8458pink footed goose

You will notice that the juvenile Monty Don has a rather unpleasant dent in its Gregory Peck. I do believe his dad had ‘turfed’ him out as he had outstayed his welcome. The cob and biro (pen – courtesy Del Boy) were in an adjoining pool and didn’t want the youngster on the premises. The other stretchers are my old favourite the comb drake, magpie goose and a pink footed goose.  On my perambulations I also took a few ‘portraits’  I was particularly pleased with the plumed whistling duck who could easily be a contender for a Vogue cover.

plumed whistling duck

The other two posers are a spot billed duck and a white headed drake

spot billed duckwhite headed drake

bye bye chaps/chapettes           until the next time    remember you’re a womble      x  i Jedi d’kwack

Shank’s Pony (and the birds too)

Yo peeps   Astonishingly, despite Frankie Laine all night long, the old current was out in force with bright blue apple pies from 9 onwards!  I decided to go Shank’s so left the kipper at the kerb as I strolled to South Kenneth Williams and the Rubic Cube.  Hopped on the Uncle Gus at Hammersmith and travelled to the Wetlands. The Thames was beautiful with the sun shining across the mudflats as the tide was out as I crossed Hammersmith Bridge.  Keeping to the theme of walking (Shank’s Pony) here’s three wuzzoes taking perambulation around their enclosures (not the moorhen though, as they please themselves where they visit)

mandarin drakeplumed whistling duckmoorhen

Because of the magnificent light this morning I was able to indulge in my water effect smudges. Incidentally, if you double click on them you’ll find more detail for your delectation.

ring-necked teal Ffalcated drake

black-bellied whistling duckAmerican wood ducks

Until the next time, I remain your left and my right        x  i Jedi de Quackerbarrel

A mixed bag

Yo peeps     Uncle Gus to Barnes this morning. It was quite cloudy at first but turned out very pleasant. I took a mixed bag as they say (who they?) of head shots and full length smudges. I was pleased to get a close-up shot of the falcated duck, so called because of their hooked falcon proboscis shaped feathers on the flank. Not that you peeps can see it in this headshot. I managed a smudge of a cormorant taking off as I sat in the wild side hide.  A naughty plumed whistling duck escaped from its enclosure, which caused a bit of a stir (someone had left a gate open, tut tut)  Chinese burns required there I would suggest. Anyways here’s a smudge of the little tinker returned to its china plates.  Passing the domestic duck enclosure I was surprised to see that a captive bird, the Indian running duck, had not had the primaries cut on one wing. You can see by my smudge that all feathers are there. Perhaps they like the grub so much they don’t think about taking off? They are in the domestic section after all.  tooty frooty mon coeurs x i Jedi de Quack

falcated duck


plumed whistling duck

Indian running duck

plumed whistling ducks in a panic

Yo Doods   Took the kipper to Barnes this morning but kept an eye out for the traffic as it’s the Notting Hill Carnival this weekend. It can build up in West London so I had to make sure I had an escape route in case it jammed in Hammersmith. And not in the Bob Marley or Stevie Wonder way of ‘jamming’. The weather was quite strange. Good strange with long bursts of sunshine then a light shower.  I was happy with my smudges though, adding portraits of radjah shelduck and a ringed teal for my portrait archive.  There was a big hullabaloo in one of the ponds when a team of plumed whistling ducks ganged up on a mallard  who was encroaching on their grub. As the light dimmed when the old current bun slipped behind a Girls Aloud, I liked the light on the water as I Barnaby Rudge’d a falcated duck and puna teal. Overall an enjoyable birding morning fortified by a cup of hot chocolate in the WWT’s riverside restaurant.  Hasta la pasta   x  i Jah de Kwack

radjah shelduck

ringed teal

plumed whistling duck

falcated duck

puna teal

Wuzzoe Portraiture

Hello Peeps    Trust you are all hunky doodah.  I thought I’d post a few of my bird portraits today, smudges I’ve taken at WWT Barnes over the last couple of days. Hasta la vista hipsters  X i Jedi d’Kwackkwack

Chinese yellow-tip duck

Chinese spot billed duck

lesser white-fronted goose

lesser white-fronted goose

plumed whistling duck

plumed whistling duck

radjah shelduck

radjah shelduck

red-breasted goose

red-breasted goose


Hawaiian Goose