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Another Merry Crimbo

Radjah Shelduck


I Luvs a Mallard

Yo Doods      No birding today as I had chores to do. Mind you, the weather was really iffy when I awoke this morning with nil visibility. Would you Adam & Eve’Oh it, the old current’s just come out with his titfer on.  Oh well dudes, here’s a little gallery of portraits I smudged yesterday.  I was happy to take pictures of Mr & Mrs Mallard who people overlook because they’re so common (“A Handbag!!!”) Close up they’re gorgeous.  Mrs Mallard has long been one of my favourite oiseaux with much more bottle than the drake.

mallard duckmallard drake

The other wuzzo are white-winged duck (not sure what sex?) a Rajah Shelduck (not crisp, he moved just as I clicked, sorry) a haughty Bewick’s Swan and a golden eye lady. I always recommend you double click on a photo’ (cocko dicko), but perhaps not the shelduck and goldeneye.

wgite-winged duckradjah shelduck

Bewick's swangoldeneye duck

Hasta la pasta     xxx      i Jedi d’Kwack

Lovely deuce & aces*

Yo peeps   It’s more chores today (you know it makes sense) so I’m furnishing you (not in the John Lewis way) with portraits of wuzzoes taken during the last couple of visits to the Wetlands (Barnes WWT).  It helps if you double click on a picture to get more detail.

pintailwhite-winged duck

mandarin drakeradjah shelduck

falcated drakecomb drake


Hasta la pasta peepsters    xx    i Jah de Quack

* deuce & aces = faces

strabismic goldeneyes going goofy

Yo Peepsters   Shank’s again this morning to Barnes wetlands. The goldeneyes were going a little nutty splashing about and showing off rotten. here’s a smudge of  dad and mum going a bit ‘mum & dad’.

goldeneye drake

goldeneye duck

The radjah shelducks were also getting their Alan Wicker’s in a twist and I enclose a shot of one of those handsome dudes doing the okey jokey as well as a headshot which is destined for my portrait gallery

radjah shelduck 2

radjah shelduck

Towards the end of the morning a few drops of Frankie Laine started to fall so I made my way back to the waterside restaurant for a hot choco before boarding the Uncle Gus for Hammersmith where my Rubic cube waited to take me back to South Kenneth Williams and Chelsea. But my peeps, before I left I was pleased to get this Barnaby Rudge of a very good looking northern pintail drake which I hope you like.   Unfortunately, as I left the confines of the underground station and Wendy Dagworth’d my way up Onslow Gardens the old Frankie Laine bucketed down and a very wet Doctor Quack  who’d forgotten to take his titfer, arrived home but was quickly revived, fortified by a hot cup of Rosy.   hasta la pasta machacharooneys  x i Jah de Quack

northern pintail drake

Stretching it!

Yo Peeps During my perambulations around the Barnes byways yesterday morn I observed many wuzzoes having a jolly good stretch. I enclose for your delectation stretching wuzz. The Barnaby’s are of Radjah shelduck, eider lady and pochard. I remain your left and my right despite vertiginous discombobulation i Jedi d’Kwack, Earl of Mustard

radjah shelduck
eider F

plumed whistling ducks in a panic

Yo Doods   Took the kipper to Barnes this morning but kept an eye out for the traffic as it’s the Notting Hill Carnival this weekend. It can build up in West London so I had to make sure I had an escape route in case it jammed in Hammersmith. And not in the Bob Marley or Stevie Wonder way of ‘jamming’. The weather was quite strange. Good strange with long bursts of sunshine then a light shower.  I was happy with my smudges though, adding portraits of radjah shelduck and a ringed teal for my portrait archive.  There was a big hullabaloo in one of the ponds when a team of plumed whistling ducks ganged up on a mallard  who was encroaching on their grub. As the light dimmed when the old current bun slipped behind a Girls Aloud, I liked the light on the water as I Barnaby Rudge’d a falcated duck and puna teal. Overall an enjoyable birding morning fortified by a cup of hot chocolate in the WWT’s riverside restaurant.  Hasta la pasta   x  i Jah de Kwack

radjah shelduck

ringed teal

plumed whistling duck

falcated duck

puna teal

Wuzzoe Portraiture

Hello Peeps    Trust you are all hunky doodah.  I thought I’d post a few of my bird portraits today, smudges I’ve taken at WWT Barnes over the last couple of days. Hasta la vista hipsters  X i Jedi d’Kwackkwack

Chinese yellow-tip duck

Chinese spot billed duck

lesser white-fronted goose

lesser white-fronted goose

plumed whistling duck

plumed whistling duck

radjah shelduck

radjah shelduck

red-breasted goose

red-breasted goose


Hawaiian Goose