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Shank’s Pony (and the birds too)

Yo peeps   Astonishingly, despite Frankie Laine all night long, the old current was out in force with bright blue apple pies from 9 onwards!  I decided to go Shank’s so left the kipper at the kerb as I strolled to South Kenneth Williams and the Rubic Cube.  Hopped on the Uncle Gus at Hammersmith and travelled to the Wetlands. The Thames was beautiful with the sun shining across the mudflats as the tide was out as I crossed Hammersmith Bridge.  Keeping to the theme of walking (Shank’s Pony) here’s three wuzzoes taking perambulation around their enclosures (not the moorhen though, as they please themselves where they visit)

mandarin drakeplumed whistling duckmoorhen

Because of the magnificent light this morning I was able to indulge in my water effect smudges. Incidentally, if you double click on them you’ll find more detail for your delectation.

ring-necked teal Ffalcated drake

black-bellied whistling duckAmerican wood ducks

Until the next time, I remain your left and my right        x  i Jedi de Quackerbarrel