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Bewick’s bathing

Yo Doods   As it looked overcast this morning (and dire weather warnings on the news channels) I decided on taking the kipper to Barnes this morning. That meant I could take the big boy Wedgewood Benn’s that necessitates a tripod and gimble which is not conducive to Rubic Cube travel.  As it happened, although a little bit Harry & Billy the old current bun did come out and it was a very pleasant morning with good light.  I was very taken with the two resident Bewick’s swans who were having a great time splashing about and generally showing off rotten. I enclose a smudge of the Monty Don’s for your delectation. I was pleased to see the juv magpie’s feathers are growing and he’s looking more like a wuzzoe  rather than something out of the Muppets show. I also enclose a Barnaby Rudge showing his resplendent tail feathers.  A couple of saucy Egyptian geese flew in, they know free grub when they see it!  I was able to do a portrait of one of these birdies for my portrait collection. As I was leaving the reserve a family of mute Monty Don’s waddled past, mum, dad & saucepan lids!

hasta la pasta machacharooneys    x  i Jedi d’Kwack

Bewick's swans


Egyptian goose