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Have you missed me?

Yo Peeps  Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, so here’s a few smudges for your delectation.  A Southern crested screamer, Coot baby, Falcated drake, Hooded merganser drake, Lesser white-fronted goose, Mandarin drake, Northern pintail drake and a Smew drake  I’ll post a few more tomorrow.  tooty frooty i Jedi de Quack

screamer coot falcated drake hooded merganser lesser white-fronted goose mandarin drake northern pintail smew drake


The boys are back in town

Yo doods  haven’t posted for a while, so here’s a few smudges for your delectation  A Bewick’s swan doing the okey kokey, a bufflehead drake having a good look around and showing off to the ladies. A gorgeous lady mallard stretching her wings. A baby duckling recently hatched and testing the water.A beautiful (mind you, to me they are all beautiful) Northern Pintail duck. A red-crested Pochard drake. The same oiseaux also showing off to the ladies. Finally, a tufted drake having a giraffe  I promise I’ll post again shortly   xx i Jedi de Q

Bewick's swan bufflehead drake mallard duck mallard duckling pintail duck red crested pochard red-crested pochard tufted drake

Lots of Little Egrets

Yo Doodlers   Sorry, haven’t posted for a while so here’s a special edition of Little Egrets takes one pleasant morning at Restharrow Scrape, Sandwich Bay at the SBBOT bird reserve (well worth a visit)  xxx  i Jedi de Quackerjack

DSC_1714 DSC_1803 DSC_1815 DSC_2522

Oare Marsh sojourn

Hi Peeps  Lord Moffo and Yours T had a very pleasant morning at Oare Marsh Friday before making our way back to base camp at Orchard Barn. Lord Moffo took a picture of the Quack perambulating the sea wall at Oare

Oare Marsh

I managed smudges of turnstone and a saucy little reed bunting for your delectation

turnstonereed bunting

After reaching base camp and partaking of a very jolly dinner with excellent company, the chatelaine Lady Jan and Sir Andrew Newmark, percussionist extraordinaire, we prepared for the next day’s excursion to Sandwich Bay   I’ve included a picture of Lady Janetta’s kitchen

Jan's kitchen.

First stop towards Bomber Command was at Restharrow Scrape where there were faaarsands of teal. There were a couple of  red breasted mergansers lurking but Moffo and I didn’t see them (also our fingers were getting a little bit Harry & Billy) so we didn’t stay too long but quickly made our way to SBBOT ringing station for a nice cup of Rosy and a chat with the delightful birders at Bomber Command. It’s always a pleasure to meet up with dear friends and genuine bird lovers.

hasta la pasta muchachas   xx  i Jedi de Quackster

Bowie & Birdy

yo pesetas   (I did put peeps but Spellcheck changed it!)  so,   yo pesetas  didn’t go birding today because the visibility was dire this morning in Chelsea and I didn’t fancy driving or Shank’s mustang. I will be birding tomorrow though with a visit to Oare Marshes and Sunday, hopefully to Restharrow Scrape and Bomber Command (SBBOT) for a cuppa Rosy.  I hear the dreaded tadpoles are back on the Ancient Highway so I’ll approach from the Sandwich end. I will be accompanied by Lord Moffo of Twickenhampton. Meanwhile peepsterooneys I leave you with a picture I took of David Bowie in Paris many yonks ago and a Red Crested Pochard drake which illustrates how my fashion and rock’n’roll smudges influenced my present day bird photography.  hasta la pasta chums

x      i Jedi de Quack

SoloBowie_2red crested pochard drake

Looks like summer is here?

Yo doods  Another fine day. I left the Towers early with my trusty hound by my side. All bode well as I could see the Ramsgate fissures as I passed Deal Pier looking across Sandwich and Pegwell Bay. There was a slight mist as it was quite warm for that time of day (7 ish), but I knew it would be clear on the scrape.  There was a grey heron still lurking in the far reeds much to the perturbation of the numerous parents of newly hatched kinder.  After heterogeneity of cogitation with a very bellicose zoot suit, the heron took off towards Pegwell Bay much to the relief of progenitor wuzzoes.  There was also another heron, a very pretty little egret which I Barnabied as he alighted on one of the small islands.  I’ve included a smudge of the little coot that I’ve been monitoring for the last few days, and today’s version has now discarded all traces of red and is spruced up with a very nice white bib and facial feather. As Kaibosh and Yours T left the Jeckyl a little bird was singing its little strawberry out in a bush overlooking the path from the hide, and I managed a smudge for your delectation. I think it’s a reed warbler, having first thought I’d spotted a tiny wren amongst the yellow foliage.  hasta la pasta    x   i Jedi de Q



little egret
reed warbler

Glossy Ibis

Doodles  Would you Adam & Shakira it, when I opened the shutter of the hide at Restharrow this morning I couldn’t believe the minces*! At first I thought I was looking at the backs of two coots as the light was quite dark (8.45) Then I realised that they had long slim lallies*. Oooooer missus, could it be the blinkin’ ibis I’ve been hearing about but missing every blooming’ time?  One turned its Uncle Ned*, and Oy Vey Becky, with that Pinochio proboscis it could only be an Ibis. I shot off a few smudges  (cursing the light under my breath, but not too loud to offend Master Kai) and managed a couple of reasonable ones, all the time switching between RAW and J.peg. I quickly ‘phoned Squadron Leader (Ian Hodges, warden) of Bomber Command, who was making his way to the point.  That’s along Sandwich Bay seashore towards Pegwell Bay. Quite a distance from the scrape. Well my drears, he could have passed Usain Bolt as he whizzed back to the hide carrying full kit in his backpack (that’s Ian not Usain).  There’s not many glossies perambulating the banks of the scrape! My two chums Bernie & Duncan turned up (much to the delight of Kaibosh) so it was great they were there for the ibis sighting.  I leave for your delectation this smudge of the two glossies.  Tooty frooty    i Jah de Q

*minces = mince pies- eyes    *lallies = legs   * Uncle Ned = head