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Wetlands Wonderland

Yo peeps   Haven’t posted for a while, so here’s a little group of smudges I took at Barnes Wetlands one morning this week. I was in and out like a fiddler’s elbow. In at 9.30 opening time, crash bash sausage and mash, smudges taken.  By ten to eleven I was sitting down in the waterside restaurant having a cup of Rosy and a slice of Sexton Blake before returning to Chelsea.  Method in madness, special deal, only 3 sovs (£3) before 11 0’clock. The Danish pastry is a bit tasty. Sorry I digress.  First port of call was the pool where the smews reside alongside the goldeneyes.  Here’s a Barnaby Rudge of the two drakes doing the okeykokey (posturing for the ladies)

smew drakegoldeneye drake

In another of the pools a marbled teal drake was also ‘giving it plenty’. It’s the first time I’ve been able to identify the male. The crest at the back helped!

marbled teal drake

The little buffleheads looked gorgeous in their courting plumage. I enclose a photograph of mum & dad

bufflehead duckbufflehead drake

In the same pool as the buffleheads was this splendid American wood drake. I know I post a lot of smudges of the Carolina but who could resist this handsome devil?

American wood drake

I thought a quick snap of a Southern Crested Screamer would be allowed (I also post them a lot!) as he was doing a stretch in the morning sunshine.

southern crested screamer

My last port of call on my perambulations of the wetland pathways and pools was the Wildside Hide where I was delighted to capture this little grebe stretching his wings

little grebe

Before I bid you adieu, I must leave you with Mr Angry of Tunbridge Wells who was giving me the evil eye

tufted drake

That was a tufted drake.  TTFN   xx i Jedi de Quack


slipping & sliding, groovin’ and gliding

Hi peepsters   Had a jolly morning yesterday despite it being a bit Harry & Billy. I drove to the Wetland’s where I was joined by his nibs, Lord Moffo of Twickershire. There was a lot of ice on the water but the current bun was shining, which made for good photography. It was amusing to watch this coot slipping across a pond, but those big old plates of meat are up for the task!


First port of call was the smew pond where I captured this handsome smew drake posing for the ladies (look at that Tony Curtis quiff)

smew drake

Moving on to the next strip of water I ‘smudged’ a handsome canvasback drake ‘giving it plenty’ He looks like he’s doing that ‘deckchair song!

canvasback drake

The next photograph is of a red-crested pochard having a jolly good stretch. In the same pond was a ferruginous drake balancing on the ice and enjoying the sunshine. Bless!

red-crested pochardferruginous drake

My last shot is of this mandarin drake enjoying the morning sun. I know I post a lot of smudges of this flamboyant lady luck, but who can resist when they look this gorgeous?

mandarin drake

Until the next time my friends    tooty frooty  xx i Jedi de Quack

Yay, the Current’s got his titfer on

Hi Doods,  what a beautiful day it’s turned out. I drove to Barnes this morning for a morning’s smudging at the Wetlands. Blissy poo.  A clear blue apple pie with not a ‘Girls Aloud’ in sight. Even the wuzzoes were whizzing around, preening and displaying. I bet there’s going to be a lot of babies this coming Spring. I had to avert my mince pies at the little pool where the mandarin drakes were behaving outrageously.  For your delectation I’m posting a smudge of a goldeneye drake, a whizzing smew drake and a red crested pochard drake looking glorious in the morning sunshine



Here also is a southern crested screamer doing the Okey Kokey in the mid-day sun.


Now peeps, you know I love a portrait, so was happy to Barnaby Rudge headshots of a plumed whistling duck and a dainty Laysan teal.

DSC_0903Laysan teal

Hasta la pasta doods  xx   i Jedi de Kwak

Despite the gloom…

Yo Doodsters   Despite the lugubrious overcast weather this morning I girdled my loincloth and ventured fifth to the Wetlands.  I took the Nikon Wedgwood Benn’s because of the larger glass which works whatever the visibility.   I do like my longer reach lenses but they do slow up when the current bun takes his titfer off. I was rewarded with a front on shot of the Southern Crested Screamer. You know I luvs a full frontal smudgerooney.  Doesn’t he look like he’s got the hump?


I managed a smudge of a handsome smew drake and also a ferruginous duck doing the Okey Kokey

smew drakeferruginous duck

A shoveler drake flew into the Wildside (beyond the collections) and I Barnaby Rudge’d him doing a sneaky ‘duck & diving’ for your delectation.

shoveler drake

Before I left the reserve I couldn’t resist taking this Bewick swan’s portrait (for my portrait gallery) I know I’ve posted Bewicks’ often, but who can resist this beauticious creature?

Bewick's swan

hasta la pasta doodsters    xx   i Jedi de Q