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Wetlands’s Wonderland

Hi Peepers    Had a jolly time yesterday at the wetlands Barnes WWT.  Wasn’t too cold but the sun came out with his titfer on. First port of call was the pond with the goldeneyes. I think dad has just got his leg over (so to speak) and mum is having a good think about it!

goldeneye drakegoldeneye duck

I was pleased with my Barnaby Rudge of the drake canvasback as it’s hard to see the unfortunate clipped wing while the other looks magnificent as he goes full stretch

canvasback  drake

I spotted this handsome American wood drake lurking in the trees beside the pool. Fortunately the sun shone through and lit him up!

American wood drake

Moving on I ‘captured’ this tufted drake who obliged me by swimming into the middle of the pool where I managed to get reflections from the reeds shimmering on the Neptune’s.  You know I love a water effect.

tufted drake

Close by were a pair of scaup.  I love the way the old current caught the iridescence on dad’s loaf of bread


Another nice water effect was reflected around the white-headed duck as she swam about minding her own business.  Fabulous proboscis, innit

white headed duck

until the next time my friends    xx i Jedi de Quack

Neptune’s daughter = water     current bun = sun    titfer tat = hat  Barnaby Rudge – smudge = photograph loaf of bread = head

PS  I’ve included the small glossary as a few of my friends in distant lands are discombobulated by the cockney rhyming slang


Please close the gate

Yo peeperooneys  Nice day at the wetlands yesterday morning. Cold, but fresh and bright.  Good visibility for smudging. First stop/pool was the mergansers habitat with an American wood duck also residing. The Mrs Hooded Merganser was ‘giving it plenty’ with the beautiful barnet and the wood duck drake didn’t look too shabby either!

hooded merganserwood drake

This little bufflehead drake was getting his knickers in a twist showing off rotten


I was pleased with the water effects for the background of this handsome white-headed drake (you know I love my water effects) with the old current bun reflecting off the reeds

white-headed drake

I was a little apprehensive entering the pool with the black swans with this chap standing guard and daring me to enter. It’s the start of the breeding season and the black Monty Don’s get a little aggressive

black swan

Well peeps, you know I also love a headshot for my portrait gallery, so was pleased to capture the wild tufty drake as he flew in to nick a bit of the collection birds tucker

tufted drake

Also was taken with the red-crested pochard drake who reminded me of my David Bowie cover ‘Pin Ups’, taken back in the 70’s with Twiggy

red-crested pochard

Hasta la pasta machacharooneys   xx     i Jedi de Quackman

Splashing spot bills

Yo peeps   I’ve been a bit poorly of late so not much smudging.  I did take a few last weekend at the Wetland Centre, Barnes, so here’s some for the mo’, until I feel better and girdle my loincloths once again and venture fifth.  I was pleased with this mashugana spot-billed ducky who seems to be enjoying himself/herself (couldn’t tell the sex, sorry).  The other wuzzo are white headed lady, falcated drake and a charming red-crested pochard duck.  TTFN   xxx i Jedi de Quack

spot billed duckspot billed duck2

white headed duck

falcated drakered crested pochard duck

Terpsichorean Bewick’s beauties

Yo Doodlepips  A glorious morning was spent perambulating those bucolic byways of Barnes bird reserve. The old current was out at last with clear blue Kensal Rise.  Not a girls aloud to be seen. The two Bewick’s swans were going a bit nutty whizzing around their pool doing the hokey kokey.  My drears, it was like being at the Royal Opera House during a performance of  Anthony Dowell’s production of Tchaikovsky’s Monty Don’s Lake.

Bewick's swans 

A sweet little bufflehead was enjoying itself posing by the side of a little pool watching the canvasbacks and American wood ducks luxuriating and splashing about in the morning sunshine. I do hope we have the extended summer that the weather forecasters are promising despite it being the beginning of Autumn.


Carrying on missus, I was pleased to get a smudge of a stiff-tail, the white-headed duck. Mind you, I’m not sure about the cull on the poor old North American ruddy duck just because they’ve been taking amorous liberties with the Spanish white-heads. Apparently there’s only 500 ruddies left in Britain. Who’d have thought it, when I started birding there were faaarsands of ’em. Now they’re rarities!  In the same pool as the white-bonks were one of my favourite wuzzoes, the pulchritudinous ferruginous ducks and I managed a Barnaby Rudge of this handsome devil.

whiteheaded  duck

ferruginous duck

hasta la pasta machacharooneys        x  i Jah de Jedi, Earl of Mustard