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Lovely deuce & aces*

Yo peeps   It’s more chores today (you know it makes sense) so I’m furnishing you (not in the John Lewis way) with portraits of wuzzoes taken during the last couple of visits to the Wetlands (Barnes WWT).  It helps if you double click on a picture to get more detail.

pintailwhite-winged duck

mandarin drakeradjah shelduck

falcated drakecomb drake


Hasta la pasta peepsters    xx    i Jah de Quack

* deuce & aces = faces


A mixed bag

Yo Peeps As it looked like it was going to be a nice day today (for visibility) I thought I’d take the big guns necessitating taking the kipper as my kit’s too cumbersome for the Rubic cube and Uncle Gus. My lighter stuff still has a long reach, but the heavy Wedgewood’s deliver superb quality (I do hope you think so too) Today I’m showing a couple of full lengths and a couple of head shots (ooooer missus, I forgot I’m not still taking fashion shots) I managed a smudge of a handsome barnacle goosey displaying a magnificent wing span which I’ve never witnessed before. A smudgerooney of a crafty old Egyptian goose surreptitiously creeping up on a Bewick’s Monty Don’s grub. The head shots are of a white-winged duck and an American wood duck drake. Hasta la pasta x iJah de Jedi, Earl de Moutarde
PS I hope the fine weather stays for tomorrow as Moffo and Yours T are off to Oare Marshes

barnacle goose
Egyptian goose
white-winged duck
Wood duck

Stretching it!

Yo Peeps During my perambulations around the Barnes byways yesterday morn I observed many wuzzoes having a jolly good stretch. I enclose for your delectation stretching wuzz. The Barnaby’s are of Radjah shelduck, eider lady and pochard. I remain your left and my right despite vertiginous discombobulation i Jedi d’Kwack, Earl of Mustard

radjah shelduck
eider F

Doing the Okey Kokey

Bewick's swan

Bird Portraits

Yo Dooderooneys  Didn’t go birding today as I had boring chores to do. I’ve made so many trips to Peter Jones that the store’s Billy Bunter’s (punters) must think I’m staff! What a wonderful emporium PJ’s is, luckily it’s at the end of the King’s Strada just a stone’s heave from my frog. Anyways, here’s a few wuzzoe head shots taken yesterday morning. I’m not sure if the whistling lady luck is an Eastern or Western Indian one?

whistling duck

The Egyptian goose is one that’s just muscled in to one of the collection pools at the WWT reserve much to the chagrin of the resident Bewick’s Monty Don’s. It’s quite interesting vadering the inside of its north and south. In fact, he intrigued me so much I’m giving you two Barnaby Rudge’s

Egyptian goose


Just before I left the reserve I captured a smudge of this handsome canvasback drake lurking amongst the reeds 

canvasback M

Hasta la pasta machacharooneys     x i Jedi d’Quackster

Juvenile Jackdaw Jackanapes

Yo Doods  Despite the inclement weather yesterday I had a good visit with Lord Garibaldi Biscotto Moffinski to the WWT Barnes.  I thought the ice cream cart in the courtyard was a bit optimistic.

WWT Ice cream

I left the kipper at home and travelled by the Uncle Gus and Rubic.  The frog and toad leading to Hammersmith Bridge gets very spiteful, whereas the Uncle Gus just whizzes down the bus lane. Brill. I must confess to getting a little thrill whizzing past the long line of kippers caught up in the traffic jam. It could have been me, innit.  I was pleased with my morning’s work and captured a few head shots for my portrait archive (which I’ll eventually exhibit). I managed a smudge of a saucy Ringed Teal who was having a flap. I shot it so you couldn’t see the clipped primaries of one wing which I think makes a nice ‘action shot’?

ringed teal

After perambulating the bucolic byways of Barnesville, Lord Moffo and Yours T took beverages at the waterside cafe’. Well my drears, would you Adam & Sophie Tucker it, a cheeky jackdaw juvenile hopped onto our table looking for a handout. Perhaps it’s the same one I’ve been smudging over the last couple of weeks? His feathers are growing thicker now and he doesn’t look like a toosh of the androgenic alopecia business.  He was joined a couple of minutes later by his dad (well that’s what I would like to think)  His pater was a rather handsome fellow and I was able to get a very close headshot of the old rascal for my archive. It was quite disconcerting when just as I was about to smudge the jackdaw about a metre from my Wedgewood Benn’s, a well meaning warden rushed over and shooshed it away thinking it was disturbing our victualising. 

jackdaw juv

jackdaw head 


hasta la pasta peeperooneys    x i Jah de Jedi


plumed whistling ducks in a panic

Yo Doods   Took the kipper to Barnes this morning but kept an eye out for the traffic as it’s the Notting Hill Carnival this weekend. It can build up in West London so I had to make sure I had an escape route in case it jammed in Hammersmith. And not in the Bob Marley or Stevie Wonder way of ‘jamming’. The weather was quite strange. Good strange with long bursts of sunshine then a light shower.  I was happy with my smudges though, adding portraits of radjah shelduck and a ringed teal for my portrait archive.  There was a big hullabaloo in one of the ponds when a team of plumed whistling ducks ganged up on a mallard  who was encroaching on their grub. As the light dimmed when the old current bun slipped behind a Girls Aloud, I liked the light on the water as I Barnaby Rudge’d a falcated duck and puna teal. Overall an enjoyable birding morning fortified by a cup of hot chocolate in the WWT’s riverside restaurant.  Hasta la pasta   x  i Jah de Kwack

radjah shelduck

ringed teal

plumed whistling duck

falcated duck

puna teal